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Dearest friends,

We’ve been to two amazing shops recently and we’d like to tell you about them for one reason: whenever we find something that we feel you should know about, like a restaurant, shop, theatre, cafe etc we’ll write about it and give you info.

One of them is a sweet shop called MAX PERRY and we went to their Halandri branch last Saturday, on our way to a friendly house and looking for something to get them. MAX PERRY has mainly got chocolate sweets, but not only. We loved the place for their quick and efficient service, their cheerful and polite attitude, their reasonable prices, the high quality of their sweets, the lovely gift ideas they have. We have been personally to two shops of the group: the one in

 Halandri, 56 – 58 Ethnikis Antistaseos & Papanikoli str., tel 210-6851121,

and the other in the center of Athens:

 24 Fokionos Negri, in Kypseli, tel 210 – 8840440


If you go, let us know if you agree.

Another shop you should know about is situated in Nea Ionia and unless someone tells you about it, you won’t find , although it’s situated on Irakliou Avenue, the central road of the area. I can already hear you say: why would I travel such a distance to visit a shop? The answer is: it’s not just “a shop”, it’s IORDANIS!!!

The best quality, biggest variety of nuts, dried fruit, candy, etc you have ever dreamt of ! Whenever I go there, like today, I have to try really hard to stick to my list and not get into a shopping spree and buy everything. For instance, today I needed to buy the best quality peeled almonds for the “kourambiedes” that I wanted to make -you can’t make kourambiedes with second quality almonds, my grandma said. Indeed, I found the best almonds money can buy, but I couldn’t resist and bought a couple of other nuts. (peanuts from Serres – just awsome!)

“Iordanis” 230 Irakliou ave, Nea Ionia /see map


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