As you can see in the photos, we always used to enjoy Carnival, especially when we were little and innocent! Carnival in Greece is a popular holiday with some history behind it (of course!), as in ancient times it was associated with Dionyssos, the god of wine and feast. Obviously, this god is still celebrated here, that’s why we have lots of fun these days. Later on, the Orthodox church incorporated this holiday in its tradition  to mark the beginning of  no – meat – eating time, which officially starts the weekend after “ Burnt Thursday”, that is today (4/2). Today, dear friends, is paradise for meat lovers. All taverns serve meat, people go out and eat as much as they can, so, if you are a vegetarian, choose a fish tavern or stay at home and enjoy your “tofu” in peace. After this day conscientious believers don’t eat meat again until Easter Sunday!

Did you know that APOKRIES means apo-kreas, that is stay away from meat? Anyway, we are suggesting here

some events that you might like to attend, especially if you have kids who have to wear their carnival costume

somewhere and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, take them to Plaka, or Zappion, or….(we know, we’ve been there…)

Sat.6/2, 11am there will be a Carnival parade of children and floats from the beginning of  Dionissiou Areopagitou pedestrian road to Thission, where a Latin party will be hel

Sun.7/2, Sat. 13/2, and

Sun. 14/2 there will be a party for children at Zappeion 10.30-4.30 with Djs, floats, stilt walkers, jugglers.

Another event that we found appealing is the ATHENS ALLEYCAT CARNIVAL RACE. All you have to do is dress up, take your bike and meet them opposite REX THEATRE, on Panepistimiou avenue. To enter the race you have to pay 3 euros .Sunday 7/2 at 3pm.

Mind you, this is the second week of Carnival. After the end of the third week we celebrate Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday) about which we’ll let you know in due time. Till then, let your hair down (dye it pink, even better), and join the parties!!!

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