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Emma Shapplin started her music career in classical music, studying Opera with different teachers, and then moved to rock. She discovered that although rock gave her a certain artistic freedom, and brought her to explore a lower range of her voice, it was still not enough for her appetite for self-expression, she decided to create her own style with the help of great musicians. She study harmony and piano in Paris, and then met with the vocal-coach she still working with – named Yaël Benzaquen – a very precious and clever “maître de chant” whom Emma always consult, especially when she explore some new vocal possibilities and directions.

This own style became a combination of diverse opera influences, lyrical poetry and modern trance and rock/pop influences…

…Emma has performed many times, in some of the most amazing places around the world, including the Acropolis in Athens, the arena “Olympia” in Greece too, the Kremlin Grand Palace in Moscow, the Esplanade Opera House in Singapore, the Cesarea Arena in Israel, the theatre Carré in Holland, in a newly excavated open air Roman Mausoleum near Belgrade for 10 000 people, and an open air concert on the site of an immense temple in Bali, and by the Tunisian shore, also in Monaco for the Prince Albert for the ice skating, and at Hammamet, to name but a few…

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14/09 @ 21:00

Lycabettus Theater

nearest metro station: Evangelismos

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