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Join us at the Eleventh Plateau Festival, an annual international exhibition held from July to October at the Hydra Historical Archives Museum and the Kountouriotis Museum on the island of Hydra, and in four cities (Berlin, London, Osaka, Prague). It is supported by the Ministry of Culture ‘Culture and Environment Programme 2011’.

The Eleventh Plateau project examines a meticulous kind of compositional practice in which the ‘machinery’ of nature and the ‘machinery’ of art become one in eleven different ‘sites-terrains’ on the island of Hydra. With the collaboration of architects, environmentalists, archaeologists, artists and community involvement, an interdisciplinary practice and discourse on the subject of eco-aesthetics, ecosystems, landscape reconstruction and its meaning for traditional cultural heritage will be instigated.

Hydra is unique in the world as a vehicle-free oasis, thanks to the timeless presence of mule and donkey culture on the island. The preservation of the distinct historical and architectural landscape has been achieved as a result of community involvement, however, tensions arise between the community and investors who want to alter this traditional landscape.

The project outlines the ways in which the collaborators of Out of the Box Intermedia draw on scientific and eco-philosophical developments to explore temporal and spatial interrelations, new forms of art interventions and to unfold the wide range of disciplines, theoretical, and artistic positions that comprise the relationships between spectator and artist/scientist.

The British artists taking part are:

Kate MccGwire
Mat Chivers
Augusta Ogilvy
James P Graham
Martin Sexton
Mischa Twitchin
James Putnam

Out of the Box Intermedia is a non-profit interdisciplinary arts organization actively committed to the research, development and presentation of intermedia projects.

When: 8 July–October 2011

Where: Hydra Historical Archives Museum, Hydra
Kountouriotis Museum, Hydra

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