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George Tserionis presents 4/8 of his recent work which consists of large-scale installations, collages, and constructions of an interactive and experiential nature.

Curator of the exhibition is the art historian Louisa Karapidaki, who points out in her commentary:

“The number ‘Eight’ refers to the eight key Greek words and respectively to eight corresponding units that are represented by the eight letters of the word, ELEUSINA.  Eight points of reference: E for the Greek word for access(Έλευση) via the sacred road, L for logos, in reference to mythology, E for overlapping (Επάλληλα) cultural strata, Y for industrial over-development (Υπέρανάπτυξη) S for the registration (Σήμανση) of archival photographic material, I for stories (Ιστορίες) of the Resistance, N for the threads (Νήματα) of cultural information in contemporary archaeology and A for the restoration (Ανάκτηση) of memory after loss.”

After on-site research, interviews, observations, and markings, the artist presents a vertical and horizontal approach to the cultural material of Eleusina, offered through the viewpoint of the human factor.

The presentation of ‘Eight’ at the Hellenic American Union is the forerunner to the exhibition which will be presented in its entirety at the Leonidas Kanellopoulos Cultural Center in Eleusina.


Artist GeorgeTserionis
Organizer Hellenic American Union
Venue Hadjikyriakos – Ghikas Gallery, Hellenic American Union
Start Date 30/11/2011
End Date 20/12/2011
Opening 20:30
Gallery Hours/Duration Monday-Friday: 12:00-21:00, Saturday: 10:30-14:30, closed on Sunday
Type Exhibition
Participants Louisa Karapidaki
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free

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