Easter bazaar

SATURDAY 5 th April  – 11am – 8pm

SUNDAY 6th APRIL – 11am – 6pm

 in the foyer of the theatre “EMPROS”

Riga Palamides, 2 – Psirri, (metro Monastiraki)

Hoping for your help to support the daily life

of children (up to the age of 3 yrs), their mothers

and destitute women living trapped in the

Women’s Prison – Eleona at Thebes.

Apart from the handiwork of women prisoners,

you will find handmade candles, used books from 0.50 to €5

rakomelo, our homemade jams, pastries and cookies, liqueurs, handmade soaps and

used items such as clothes and ornaments, jewelry and more.

At the bazaar we will also collect donations for the prisoners and their small children

such as diapers, child care items, shampoo and shower gel, soaps,

toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, toilet paper,

laundry detergent, and telecards.

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