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When the art of drama meets the art of jewellery, then…

The lights go down, the time ‘s  moviola starts to move backwards,
fire heats up silver, gemstones are polished and gold is forged,
while black and white pictures reel frame-by-frame through the jeweller’s imagination…

From “Electra” to “Evdokia”, from “Stella” to “Antigone”, from “Iphigenia” and the “Brides”  to Marika in “Rembetiko”, these symbolic, archetypical, fatal women become muses and source of inspiration for the creator-enchanter of the earth’s precious materials.

The J.A.W. (Jewellery Art Workers) group create jewel to ornament unforgettable interpretations of female characters that lit up the dark rooms.

Drama and jewellery, form and performance become raw material in the hands of the 20  jewel creators of the J.A.W. group, who trace in their unique way the history of Greek cinema.

J.A.W. (Jewellery Art Workers) is an association of jewellery designers founded in 2005 with the aim to promote modern Greek jewellery design, inform and educate the public on issues relating to the art of jewellery, and to cooperate with authorities and institutions supporting the artistic and cultural activity.

The group is composed of 20 distinguished jewellery designers and creators that have each played a special role in the history of contemporary Greek jewellery. J.A.W. has organised important theme exhibitions and participated in many international jewellery events.

The members of the J.A.W. group are (in alphabetical order):
Achilleas Georgiadis, Afroditi Goula, Stella Deligiani, Artemis Zafrana, Thomas Thomidis, Iosif Iosifidis, Vally Kontidis, Apostolos Klitsiotis, Katerina Malami, Mary Margon i- Yiannis Mandylakis, Sarina Beza, Fotini Nikolaidou, Nikos Papadopoulos, Sofia Papalexiou, Maria Psarianou, COSMOCHAOS, D΄OLIUM Sofia Bachlava – Vasilis Stamoulis and the visual video-artist Theofanis Konstantinou.

Lighting: Ilias Eliezer

Translation in English: Yiorgos Darlas

Time: 18:00 – 22:00

Opening of the exhibition: Wednesday 19 November, at 19.00

Hall: Exhibition Area 1st Floor

Entrance Free

From Saturday 19 to Tuesday 29 November 2011

Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550

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