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Dominique’s sincerity, his unique style and his openness to music from around the world make him one of the most highly regarded musicians on the international scene.

Di Piazza discovered the bass in 1979. Already a self-taught guitarist, DiPiazza developed a distinctive, but unorthodox ‘closed palm’ technique of picking with the right hand thumb, index, and middle fingers, giving him a speed not often heard in electric bass players.. This unique approach enabled a virtuosity and style that is quite unusual in the world of bass. A defining example is the track « Marie » a flagship piece for solo bass from the 90s, found on the album « Que alegria » by John McLaughlin. This right hand style gave birth to the « four-finger picking » technique later popularized in Europe and the US by several new-generation bassists including Matthew Garrison, Adam Nitti and Hadrien Feraud. Dominique’s great knowledge of bebop, his gypsy and neo-classical influences, his lyrical style and his advanced harmonic concept have combined to make him one of the most innovative bassists in the world today.

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Dominique Di Piazza  & Yiorgos Fakanas Group  on March 16, 2012  at 21:00 &  March 17, 2012  at 22:30 at Athina Live Posidonos av. 3 – Moschato –  210-4813605    210-4819355

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