“Domenikos Theotokopoulos before El Greco”
Byzantine & Christian Museum |
On WednesdayDecember 3, the exhibition “Domemicos Theotocopoulos before El Greco” has been inaugurated at the Byzantine and Christian Museum.The exhibition is part of the Greek programme of events organized for the El Greco Year, commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of the famous painter.
The exhibition seeks to shed light on the social and artistic environment of 26th-century Crete, where Theotokopoulos’ personality was formed before he left Candia for Venice in 1567, and to place the painter and his early artistic output in the context of this environment.
This  is the  first  exhibition which  attempts to  interpret Domenikos Theotokopoulos in terms  of the  social  and  cultural environment which  impacted on  his  artistic choices. The exhibition is in  three  parts.
The first  part  focuses  on  Crete’s  importance to Venice in  the  16th century and  maps the  island’s  social,  ideological and  economic structure in  terms  of the  relationship between its  urban and  rural contexts.
The second part  examines the  arts  within the  island’s  cosmopolitan urban environment, stressing the  ways  in  which  Cretan artists strove  to combine the  Byzantine and  Western traditions.
The final  section constructs an  interpretation of Theotokopoulos’ Crete  through a stylistic examination of his  work  and  its  comparison with  the  oeuvres of other  Cretan painters. What was  it that  convinced Theotokopoulos to leave  Crete  for  Venice in  the  autumn of 1567 or the  spring  of 1568?
Duration of the exhibition 4 December 2014 – 31 March 2015.
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