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In the presence of the Austrian Ambassador in Greece, Mrs. Melitta Schubert, the Dodecanese Festival, which is organized by the Austrian Embassy in co-operation with the Municipalities of Rhodes, Kos and Kalymnos that has proven to be successful in the previous years, will take place again this year from 15th -18th July on the islands of Rhodes, Kos and Kalymnos.
The artist duo Katharina Gross (cello) and Sibila Konstantinova (piano) will perform on 15th July in Rhodes (21.00, Grand Master’s Palace), on 17th July in Kos (21.00, movie theatre “Orpheas”) and on 18th July in Kalymnos (21.00, square in front of Agios Ioannis church in Masouri). The programme includes pieces of music composed by the Austrian composer Kurt Schwertsik as well as by Beethoven, Debussy and Franch.

Therefore, music from Austria played on some of the most beautiful Greek islands will constitute once again this summer a special attraction for the local population as well as for many foreign visitors. These concerts are also a sign of the close cultural and friendly relations between Austria and Greece

Auch heuer findet wieder das seit einigen Jahren von der Österreichischen Botschaft Athen organisierte Dodekanes-Festival statt.


Im Rahmen dieser Konzertreihe österreichischer Ensembles tritt dieses Jahr das Duo Katharina Gross (Cello) und Sibila Konstantinova (Klavier) am 15. Juli in Rhodos, am 17. Juli auf Kos sowie am 18. Juli auf Kalymnos auf; Beginn jeweils 21.00 Uhr. Das Programm umfasst Werke des österreichischen Komponisten Kurt Schwertsik sowie von Beethoven, Debussy und Franch.


Die Konzerte finden an folgenden Spielorten statt:

Rhodos, 15. Juli: Großmeisterpalast

Kos, 17. Juli: Orpheas-Kinotheater

Kalymnos, 18. Juli: Agios Ioannis Kirche in Masouri


Botschafterin Melitta Schubert wird persönlich bei den Konzerten anwesend sein.

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