Dimitris Skalkotos: fotagogos/ lightwell

Dimitris Skalkotos, accomplished marble sculptor from the island of  Tinos, creates a poem through space, displaying a string of evocative words carved in marble throughout the lower floor of the gallery. The concepts of ‘FOS’ (Light), ‘AIONIO’ (Eternal), ‘MNIMI’ (Memory), ‘GYNAIKA’ (Woman), ‘ORIO’ (Limit), ‘PIGI’ (Source), ‘MONOS’ (Alone), ‘ICHOS’ (Sound), EFYGE (Departed), ‘SYNOCHI’ (Consistency), ‘DYSI’ (Sunset) have been selected from a set of poems by psychiatrist Grigoris Maniadakis titled ‘Fotagogos’. Together, the words as a sequence form a story whereas their individual shapes stress the deeper meaning of each one of them. The marble interpretations are placed on wooden makeshift pedestals as if the visitor were to walk into the studio of the artist during the hours of labour.

On the ground floor, the central piece is installed, the ‘fotagogos’ around which the exhibition turns, a larger grey marble sculpture with a hollow inside dressed with mirrors that reflect a thousand corners.



House of Art

16 Maragkou str. GLYFADA

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