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In the early 90’s Joe organized his R&B, dream version of Defunkt with brilliant songstress, Kelli Sae… Hello! Defunkt “Soul”. Featured in this formation are some of the most dynamic funk/soul/R&B players in the world. Ronnie Mac Jenkins – bass, Scoota Warner – Drums, Bahnamous Bowie – keyboards, and Ronny Drayton – guitar. On Enemy Records, this group pioneered the pop/funk/R&B sound of Defunkt, featuring Kelli & Joe singing duets in classics like “See Through” and “Knuckle Sandwich”. The songwriting team of Kelli and Joe created a truly special and exciting sound in pop music in this period from 1990-1997. Recording highlights were “Cum Funky” and “One World”. This band returns in 2009 with the resurrection of the dynamic “Defunkt Soul”.  Joe has given Defunkt “Soul”  new life with the dynamic musicians of Defunkt “Soul” nEU Generation featuring dynamic young musicians of the EU…Linley Marthe (bass), Emma Lamadji (vocals), Michael Lecoq (keyboards, Rocco Zifarelli (guitar), Jon Grandcamp (drums). 

 This band is AWESOME!


05 – 11/11, 22:30

Half Note Jazz Club

17, Trivonianou str.
Mets, 16636
Athens, GR
Tel.: 210-9213310

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