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Chapter Two:  It’s Up To You
Sunday 11 August 11 (13:00) and Monday 12 August (12:00)
Main Stage in Battery Park (New York)

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The first “Dancing to Connect” Programme in Greece was co-organised by the Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens, the American Embassy in Athens and the municipality of Athens in collaboration with the Battery Dance Company which has developed the programme and presented it all over the world. The extremely successful Athenian edition of the programme, culminating in a performance at the Main Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre, was the starting point for the collaboration of five individual Greek dancers who on that occasion worked together for the first time.
Chapter Two is all about them getting together once more and continuing the process of ‘connecting’ through dance, a process that is at the core of the Programme itself. Putting themselves in the shoes of the Programme’s participants, they started experimenting with movement and various kinetic tasks, improvising and trying out different relationships, in order to discover what connects them.
The five dancers, all coming from different dancing backgrounds, shared and experienced each other’s personal style. Through this collective work process, the piece It’s Up To You came into being and we are happy and honored to present its world premiere in the premises of the Downtown Dance Festival in New York.
The piece is all about random meetings in space, initiating contact and building looping sequences that fall apart, only to be re-created. Watching from the outside, we see in full view the gradual development of relationships, which are formulated by the choices of the performers.
By manipulating space and time, emphasis is given to individual instances that are put under the magnifying lens, shedding light onto the details.
Physicality, timing, the importance of the moment, accumulation, variation and repetition, are the main elements of this piece.
It’s Up To You reflects the work process, the open character of the piece itself and its flexibility to incorporate new elements in the future.

Choreographers: Ilias Chatzigeorgiou, Nikoleta Karmiri, Candy Karra, Aris Papadopoulos, Antonis Strouzas
Dancers: Ilias Chatzigeorgiou, Candy Karra, Aris Papadopoulos, Antonis Strouzas
Music /Composers: Alexandros Karadimos
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens
With the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens

It’s Up to Them: A Dance Workshop for Non-dancers
Wednesday 7, Thursday 8 and Friday 9 August 2013 (19:00-22:00)

On the occasion of Chapter Two’s performance the Greek dancers Candy Karra, Ilias Chatzigeorgiou, Antonis Strouzas and Aris Papadopoulos are giving athree-day dance workshop.
The workshop is open to all those who do not have any previous experience in contemporary dance, but have the appetite to explore different and new ways of moving and relating to others in a given space.
Using codes of non-verbal communication, participants will gradually get acquainted with the process of working within a group through play, improvisation, simple kinetic tasks and experimentation.
Constant traveling through space and random but precise connections between the participants in duos or trios will be the kinetic direction taken in the workshop.
Its aim is to enrich the way participants observe, analyze situations and interact with others, not by thinking, but rather by allowing themselves to act instinctively.
Kinetic material that will emerge from the workshop, may be used if wished in the actual performance on August 11th and 12th and it might be possible for participants to take part as well, depending on the outcome of the workshop.

The three-day workshop will be lead by Ilias Chatzigeorgiou, Candy Karra, Aris Papadopoulos and Antonis Strouzas.
Participants: People who are interested in contemporary dance, with no or little dance experience
Age: All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate
Registration Fee: 30$
Application Process: To apply, go to the Downtown Dance Festival tab on and click on workshops. The form is available to download. If there are any issues contact Battery Dance Company at (212) 219-3910. Applying as soon as possible is recommended, due to limited space. 

Chapter Two:  It’s Up To You
Sunday 11 August 11 (13:00) and Monday 12 August (12:00)
Main Stage in Battery Park (New York)


107-109 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece
Information/Tickets: 210 900 5 800,
Administration: 213 0 178000


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