Dance with us !

Sometimes during an event we feel very intensely “God, it’s so beautiful! I wish more people could attend it!” That’s how we felt last Friday at the Lykeion during our event on Greek tradition.

The guide was amazing, she switched from English to German and then to French without hesitating when she saw that it would be easier for some of our friends to follow what she was saying.

The things she told us were extremely interesting,we saw costumes

and learned their background and history,about the various fabrics they used and why, how the costumes were related to the historical and social events and lots of other things.

Then the dancing lesson, then dancing with the professional team of the Lykeion,

their hospitality and friendliness,…it was all so beautiful!

We loved it, we loved being with all of you and getting you into our life and culture. We like your openness, your interest in learning more about the country you live in,either permanently or temporarily, and we are here to offer you more chances to do that. Don’t think that we are the only ones who offer,we learn from you as well,we learn about your cultures, we want to meet you because we like open-minded people wherever they come from.Thanks for your participation and we are confident we will see you again at our next event. Don’t forget,we’ve only just begun!

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  1. I loved it !!!

    Unfortunatly I missed the dancing part but I will definitly be part of it in next visiting time.

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