Creative Solutions in Challenging Times

Creative Solutions in Challenging Times

3 speakers, 3 different examples

Myra Economides will give a short guide to how our daily actions affect the environment, and how we can make effective changes and a positive impact. The talk will include tips on saving energy, reducing consumption, reducing waste and reusing our resources. Myra Economides has an MSc in Environmental Engineering and several years of experience ensuring new constructions meet environmental legal requirements. She worked for Parsons Brinckerhoff focusing on advising energy suppliers.

Dimitris Rigopoulos co-founder of Atenistas, an urban activist group, will talk about Atenistas, as a genuine fruit of the Greek crises. Is the presence of Atenistas at this time a coincidence? Could we have had Atenistas (and many other groups of activists) 2 or 3 years ago? Why the crisis isn’t necessarily a bad thing in Athens. Dimitris Rigopoulos studied communication in Athens. He is working as a journalist at the cultural department of «Η Καθημερινή». He is specialised in urban culture and architecture.

Thalia Geladaki will talk about her initiative, together with 2 other women, to set up Swap not Shop, a clothing exchange. What is the idea behind Swap not shop, what worked so far and what are future developments? Thalia Geladaki has a Masters Degree on Modern and Contemporary Art from UCL in London, where she lived for 7 years. She worked at galleries, Saatchi Gallery being one of them. Currently she is working in Care Direct where she is Digital Account Manager specializing in social media campaigns. During our coffe-break there will be time to meet and greet.

VenueΠολυχώρος Spring People, Agatharxou 12, 2nd floor –

Psirri (just a few minutes walk from the Monastiraki Metro Station) Time: 10:30am-1pm / Doors open at 10:00 and close at 10:40!

Entrance is free for members. Guest fee is 6 ?.

This (as with most) is a women only event.

Please confirm your attendance at: info@athenswing.com Or call: 6947570690 Celeste / 6944456655 Carla

source: http://www.athenswing.com/index_new.html

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