Codes of Disobedience & Dysfunctionality
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The National Museum of Contemporary Art in the framework of its collaboration with the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (U.R.I.A.C) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens presents from the 5th nuntil the 25th of March 2011 the project Codes of Disobedience & Dysfunctionality realised by artist Martin Rieser and an interdisciplinary team of students, researchers and artists. The project will be based on the outcome of a preceding workshop, organised by the University Research Institute of Applied Communication of the University of Athens. The workshop is part of the action “Global Gateway” and of the EU funded program “Civil Society Dialogue – Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture” in which U.R.I.A.C participates.
Codes of Disobedience & Dysfunctionality” proposes a different trail and a new narrative for the city of Athens and its contemporary transformations. Inspired by the posters and the graffiti of the city and taking advantage of the possibilities given by mobile communication technologies (GPS, QR codes etc) and the internet, Martin Rieser and the workshop team will aim to connect the urban surroundings of Athens to opinions and statements of its inhabitants regarding the challenges imposed by the current social, political, and financial circumstances. Anger, disobedience, opposition, dysfunctionality. The features of the contemporary metropolis in the midst of a period of crisis will be the main focus of the project. Can the new possibilities offered by technology really capture the needs and the atmosphere of a city like Athens? Can they embrace life itself?
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On Sunday March 6th, at 11 am the artist will present the project to the audience at the museum. Τhe presentation will be held in English.

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