“Coaching Corner”

I just wanted to remind you of the “Coaching Corner” every 2nd Friday of the months, two days after the monthly meeting of the Newcomers, from 9.00 to 10.00am.

This is a FREE service for Newcomers members. Give me a call at 210 8087861, and let us talk just about anything that is close to your heart, personal and professional issues and challenges that you face arriving and living here in Greece. Together we can discuss solutions (if you want to find one) or simply talk about what is important to you but you do not want to bother family or friends with (or they cannot support you).

Get out of your box and get help!

With warm regards

Theresia Remoundos
Business & Life Coach
Asty Aigyptioton 6
GR – 14561 Kifissia

Tel. +30 210 8087861
Fax  +30 211 8001408
Mobile +30 697 2322 584

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