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For the third consecutive year, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
is celebrating Christmas with classical music:

As a tribute to Claude Debussy, flutist Natalia Gerakis and pianistDionyssis Mallouhos – with the contribution of soprano Myrsini Margariti – will perform a concert of French impressionist music, while actress Mania Papadimitriou will theatrically interpret texts relating to the composer’s art and life.

150 years have elapsed since the birth of the composer who paved the way for a transition to the 20th century in western music – the man who revolted against the conservative status quo in the artistic field, changing once and for all the way we perceive music through his concepts of time, rhythm and harmony.

Debussy, who refused to betray his gift in exchange for a secure position in the musical life of Paris, kept striving with all his might for the supreme artistic ideal, always following his own way in search of what he called “la musique à moi”. He proved an inspirational figure within the field of music, setting tone and mode to evoke fleeting images for the listener.

There is strong connection between his music and impressionism: just like impressionist paintings create a sensorial experience by means of color and form, Debussy’s works create an atmosphere featuring instrumental timbres and nuances. “It would be good to see music…” he used to say characteristically, revealing his passion for color and his visual approach to a form of art based mainly on sounds.

Moreover, his musical style was being shaped as the French symbolist movement reached its peak: in the poetry of Leconte de Lisle, Baudelaire, Banville, Mallarmé, Verlaine, Bourget, Maeterlinck, Mouret and Louÿs, Debussy found kindred spirit and wrote pieces to convey the mysterious, the barely suggested, the atmosphere of the remote, by means of tones.

To assess his legacy in music, one would say without a doubt that Debussy is the first “modern” composer, always at least one step ahead of his audience till the end of his life. Even in our own time, no composer could disregard him, for he set questions that have yet to be answered and still remain controversial.


CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918)

La fille aux cheveux de lin, 1909-10
for flute and piano
from ‘Préludes-Livre I’
on poetry by Ch.Leconte de Lisle

Nuit d’etoiles, 1880
for soprano and piano
on poetry by Banville

La flûte de Pan (Syrinx), 1913
for flute solo and narration
stage music for the play ‘Psyché’ by G.Mourey

Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d´été, 1914-15
for flute and piano
from the suite ‘Six épigraphes antiques’
on poetry by P.Louÿs

Prélude à l´après-midi d´un Faune, 1892-94
for flute and piano
on poetry by S.Mallarmé

Pelléas & Mélisande, 1894-1902
for soprano and piano
excerpt from the Opera on libretto by C.Debussy
based on the play by M.Maeterlinck

Golliwogg’s cake-walk, 1906–08
for piano solo
from the piano suite ‘Children’s Corner’

Clair de lune, 1892
for soprano and piano
from the ‘Fêtes galantes’
on poetry by P.Verlaine

Clair de lune
, 1890
for flute and piano
from the ‘Suite Bergamasque’
on poetry by P.Verlaine

Beau soir, 1880
for soprano, flute and piano
on poetry by P.Bourget

as well as excerpts from

En blanc et noir, 1815
excerpt for piano solo

Petite suite, 1888/89
excerpt for piano four hands

GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845-1924)
Sicilienne, 1898
excerpt for flute solo
from the orchestral suite ‘Pelléas & Mélisande’
on text by M.Maeterlinck

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 December 2012 (21.00)

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