Citizens Helpline
City of Athens |


  • Telephone: 1595
  • Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 – 23:00

Since 2003 the Citizens Helpline “1595” has acted as a gateway for citizens’ incoming requests.

The service operates on the principle of committing to providing citizens with the information they require. If the information cannot be provided on-the-spot, the request is submitted for processing.

One of the main responsibilities of the Citizens Helpline service is the constant monitoring of current affairs, so as to predict likely demand and, hence, respond in the most effective manner to citizens’ information needs. Throughout its years of operation, “1595” has developed into a service which takes interest in events of collective interest, responding immediately to the fundamental need for information in situations such as:

  • Local government elections
  • State elections and European Union elections
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Management of parking permit applications concerning the municipality’s entrance and circulation zones (during Athens 2004 Olympics)
  • Management of volunteer applications and provision of support to volunteers via informational material
  • Athens 2004 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
  • Payment of fines for illegal parking
  • Municipal parking system

Citizens Helpline staff are responsible for providing information to citizens on matters relating to:

  • Municipal information (Information on all City of Athens services)
  • Events, tours, museums, public transport, theatre, etc.
  • Administrative information (procedures and documentation required for transactions with public administration agencies)
  • Information on all procedures processed by Citizen Service Centres
  • Provision of information on matters of collective interest (constant monitoring of current affairs, so as to predict likely demand and, hence, respond in the most effective manner to citizens’ information needs).

Their responsibilities also include:

  • the receipt and processing of applications for intermediation with municipal services,
  • the receipt of applications for the issuing of birth/marital status/residency status certificates by the City of Athens. These documents are issued with the assistance of City of Athens Citizen Service Centres on the same day and delivered by courier to the applicant’s home the following day,
  • the reservation of parking spaces via telephone,
  • the receipt of reports and complaints on municipal services and public administration agencies,
  • the resolution of cases,
  • the receipt of volunteer applications,
  • the registration of professionals in the Athens business directory, and
  • the location of Athens’ homeless citizens during extreme weather periods, with the assistance of fellow Athenians who can notify the service via telephone

Staff carry out a follow-up procedure every morning and afternoon based on the responses received from relevant municipal services and the agencies to which requests were sent.

source: http://www.cityofathens.gr/en

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