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In 1967 the great choreographer Konstantin Boryarsky founded the Ballet on Ice in St.Petersburg (St.Petersburg State Ice Ballet) and took it to world fame by combining the two great traditions of St.Petersburg: ballet and figure skating. When these skilled dancers combine the grace and perfection of ballet with the dynamic energy of figure skating, a new kind of dance is created Ballet on Ice. Being enthusiastically applauded by the Greek public over the last 12 years, St Petersburg’s State Ice Ballet comes back in Badminton Theatre to present, for the first time in Greece, Sergei Prokofiev’s popular ballet, “Cinderella” for two weekends: November 25-27 and December 2 -4 2011.
Sergei Prokofiev, one of the most important Russian composers of the twentieth century, composed
Cinderella’s music for the famous Kirov Ballet. Konstantin Rassadin, an acclaimed Russian dancer and
choreographer, carries with incomparable art the original choreography of Marius Petipa on to the ice
replacing ballet slippers with ice skates. Konstantin Rassadin was a principal dancer with the renowned
Theatre Marinski (formerly Kirov) for 23 years, a classmate of Rudolf Nureyev and partner in many
performances with Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Having choreographed numerous ballets
throughout the former Soviet Union, he took over the artistic direction of St. Petersburg State Ice
Ballet in 1980. With his guidance the troupe evolved to perfection in the form of classical ballet on ice,
charming the audience and critics across the world with the delicate transformations of all time classic

“Cinderella “is the most recent production of the ballet company with its outstanding sets and colorful
costumes following the tradition of classical dance. Forty prominent figure skating dancers present
a spectacle of high artistic value, bringing the harmony, elegance and grace of classical ballet to the
challenge and force of ice dancing. The majority of St. Petersburg Ice Ballet dancers have excelled in the
past, individually or as couples, in Russian, European and world figure skating competitions. Twenty of
the artists in this show have been awarded the title “Master of Sports of Russia” for their performance
in figure skating while other members such as Olga Ivanova, Andrey Stroganov, Ludmila Beloussova,
Oleg Protopopov, Alexei Ulanov, and Ludmila Smirnova are European and Olympic champions.

Winning many prestigious international awards and participating in more than 10,000 performances
worldwide, the famous Ice Ballet of St. Petersburg, which today includes more than 80 dancers in total,
promises to give us ample doses of fairytale beauty and joy and bring to us into the spirit of Christmas

25/11 @ 20:30

26/11 @ 17:00 & 20:30

27/11 @ 12:30 & 17:00

02/12 @ 20:30

03/12 @ 17:00 @ 20:30

04/12 @ 12:30 @ 17:00

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