Dearest friends,
The weather has finally become more “christmasy” and we can hope for a more suitable to the season atmosphere.
 Of course, this year Christmas will be somehow hectic and” tight”, given all the recent developments in the country, but we must try to keep our spirits high and return to habits and practices that we might have neglected the last years. One of them is our home and the company of our close friends and family. In the past we used to focus on going out on holidays, eating out with friends, living OUT in general. Now, with the finacial difficulties we are all encountering, this has got to change, but…you know what? It’s not necessarily bad-or should I say, it’s a lot better! This is our chance to “hug” our own people again, to spend more quality time with them, to listen to them, visit them or have them visit us, cook together and eat simple and delicious food seated around large tables-or even squeezed around small tables.This is what we all grew up with, this is what our parents used to do, these are our memories-people gathered around tables! Getting together is back! Let’s all enjoy it and let us not nag and complain about the things we can’t afford anymore. We can gain our integrity and our “soul mates” back-think how important this is!
So, we wish you all, Greek and foreign, crisis-affected and non-affected,
 a very happy holiday, a better New Year and health and happiness to all of you.
We will continue to inform you on a daily basis about everything going on in Athens these days.
We are working on  lots of activities and events in the new year, after the turmoil of the feasts and bazaars and trips and…and….
One of them is a visit to the theatre (!), a Greek mythology group in English, (you know we already have one in French, don’t you?), Greek dance classes, visits to sites and museums, familiarisation with flavours from all over Greece, and a lot more–surprises as well!
So brace up for all that-we guarantee you will love them.
Warmest hugs and kisses to all of you.

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