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Athens is celebrating. Citizens, residents but also visitors, everyone in Athens – the entire city of Athens claims a place in the future. A breath of light mood, uplifting, music and play. This year, through all the difficult and unexpected events, Athens was lit with its Christmas decorations earlier, as most European and international capitals,sending a message ofsolidarity and peaceful coexistence among peoples. Athens is celebrating and celebration is a uniting force. This is why all 243 events that the City of Athens has prepared this year, music, dance, theater, activities for the young and the not so young, spread from the city center, to the city’s neighborhoods and edges. Because it is in difficult times that we seek the company of others. The closeness to our community. To what was called “demos”in ancient times, in this very city, and still remainsthe soul of Athens. Athensis a hospitable, lively and safe European capital.Democracy and freedom will not please those few who invest in fear.We invest in peaceful coexistence,respect for human rights.


In the joy of celebrating. In the right to hope. Athens invites you to celebrate with us.

Merry Christmas, and a Healthy and Happy NewYear

Yiorgos Kaminis Mayor of Athens


From Friday December 4rth, to January 10th, 2016

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