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Christmas 2013 and New Year’s Eve 2014


Christmas 2013 and New Year’s Eve 2014 will have unique allure and luxury.

Fairytale-made sceneries embellish hotel lobbies and festive atmosphere embraces bars, restaurants and rooms. Athens hotels offer magnificent buffets; distinguished chefs prepare fabulous menus for each day of the Christmas holidays and experienced mixologists mix up different spirits in order to serve to you the Christmas’ essence in a glass.

Indulge yourself in the magic of a full festive experience in Athens’ hotels with special packages on accommodation, gastronomy, entertainment, fashion and wellness.

This year’s Christmas holidays make a guaranteed selection. Choose Athens hotels for high quality, elegant services. Let the hospitality professionals cherish your holidays, they know better; after all they welcome thousands of guests every year. Live this Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays like a star. You deserve it!

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