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With regard to the life and music of Cristina Branco (b. 1972, Almeirim,
Portugal), one could say – as in the lyric by Amália Rodrigues – that
she lives and breathes fado.
   It was a serendipitous set of circumstances that first brought fado
music into Cristina’s life.  Though, in a certain way, it was
Cristina – with her aesthetic daring and unique interpretive style – who
happened upon fado, and in its most deeply traditional musical and
social form.  “It started as a kind of game, as an evening of songs
among friends,” she likes to recall…

… She knew some songs that her maternal
grandfather used to sing to himself, lyrics and melodies that she would
improvise on without realizing how they were entering her – and how
they would decide her destiny.  But at that time, she felt herself more
drawn to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin and Joni
Mitchell, than Amália Rodrigues.  So when, for her 18th birthday, her
grandfather gave her Rara e Inédita (Rare and Unreleased
Recordings), a major work – though not well-known – by fado music’s
greatest diva, she had no idea of how it would end up changing her life…

… Cristina Branco creates all the emotion that this musical style – with
its intimate relationship between voice, poetry and music – has to offer. 
Along with other young musicians who, since the mid-1990s, have
found in fado their own way of expressing themselves (thereby
contributing to an astonishing reinvigoration of the traditional song form
of Lisbon), Cristina Branco has begun to define her own journey, in
which respect for tradition walks hand in hand with a desire for
innovation.  Even if nothing in her early life indicated that Cristina’s
destiny was in fado, it is clear today that she has created a style that is
unprecedented and very possibly unique.  
Voice, Portuguese guitar, guitar, bass guitar and piano; a mixture of
traditional fados, contemporary works and popular songs

by:Tiago Salazar
October 5, 2008

 source: official web site

26/11 – 02/12

Half Note Jazz Club

17, Trivonianou str. METS,
Monday-Sunday 11.30-19.30: +30 210 9213310
After 20.00: +30 210 9232360

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