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Cesaria Evora began her career as a singer in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente more than forty-five years ago. Aged just twenty, she was already singing of romantic disappointments and the remoteness of the Cape Verde islands, expressing a remarkable melancholy that is illustrated by recordings made at the time, reissued at the end of 2008 on “Radio Mindelo”. Entrenched in a saudade of universal appeal or settling quietly over her windswept islands, this Atlantic melancholy remains Cesaria Evora’s trademark.

Whether she sings coladeras (catchy songs perfect for the dance floor) or mornas (Cape-Verdean blues), her voice holds an inescapable fascination for the listener. Three years after “Rogamar”, the Cape-Verdean singer is back with “Nha Sentimento”, an album that combines gravity and lightness of tone.

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06/06/11, @ 21:30

Lycabettus Theatre

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