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Center babyfeat “Give us the lights”
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The babyfeat Center will be housed at Alcmenes 16, Kato Petralona in 3 levels with a total of 135 sqm.

ground floor – reception, exchange center, events 1st – offices, volunteer meetings basement – exchange center

At the babyfeat Center we: • Operate daily for families from all over Greece to donate, share and exchange children’s and baby items, • Prepare daily, easily and quickly, parcels with childrens items for families all over Greece, • Have our babyfeat offices, and coordinate volunteer meetings • There is free wifi • Display a gift shop with hand made items by work at home parents,
• Conduct seminars and workshops for parents and childrenand events • Organize activities and celebrations * are waiting to meet you and enjoy a coffee or tea with us.

Our goal is for the Centre to become a model – which can be replicated in cities across Greece.

Achieving our goal for 2200 euro will be able to keep the lights on for a whole year!

Supporting the babyfeat Centre for the Reuse of Children’s Items -Helps families with children in Greece -Promotes recycling and solidarity -You become shareholders in the moral and practical redefinition of social responsibility – You begin to become the change you want to see for a more optimistic future.   “Babyfeat is our inspiration, to build a more humane future for our children.”

website: http://babyfeat.gr/center-babyfeat/

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