Celebrations for Myrtillo’s 3rd Birthday

bazaar16unnamedweb-3The Myrtillo café was set up by the Myrtillo Social Co-operative Enterprise with the aim of providing training, work experienceand access to the labour market for people from vulnerablesocial groups, primarily young people with moderate learning disability.

Our aims for the trainnees are to promote:

• Psychological empowerment, maturity and self-confidence
• Independence and the capacity for initiative and personal choices and decisions
• Creativity, imagination and full exploitation of all their abilities
• Socialization, co-operation and entrance into the wider world


myrtillocafesocial-of-year-2014Our wider social aim is to promote social solidarity, cohesion and development.
In the face of widespread social discrimination and other associated prejudices, those who work with us will through tolerance, patience and care for others, themselves find benefit and enrich their lives as they offer their practical skills to others.
A platform for artists young and old

Literary Evenings
Art Exhibitions
Therapeutic Seminars

Music Therapy
Mental Empowerment
Speech Therapy


a) The salaried employment of individuals from vulnerable social groups, constituting 40% and more of the total employees.

b) The multi-dimensional training of young people with ‘moderate learning disabilities’ to help them acquire skills of independent living, self-esteem, sociability, new friends and independence from the over-protection of the family or from the mesh of social exclusion, and in addition to acquire a consciousness of their individual rights and of their responsibilities towards society by in turn contributing voluntary work during their free time.



a) Our aim is to support the disadvantaged, not by offering them protected ‘occupational therapy’, but rather the possibility of a dynamic entrance into the world of real life and of real, productive work.

b) Their training within a social environment such as Myrtillo Café seeks to offer an alternative to ‘special’ educational institutions which tend to treat people indiscriminately with emphasis on their difficulties or disabilities and not on the basis of the particular abilities and dreams of each individual.

c) To underline the values which derive from the universal basis that the deep structure of the soul and its needs does not differ from person to person.

d) To encourage the most privileged to work together with the most under-privileged in society. This is something that can bring great gains to both groups since they complement one another and exploit the gifts of both.

e) To contribute to increased social awareness of how to treat individuals with special needs on a practical and not ideological level in everday life, in the labour market and in the context of culture. 

f) The innovative pilot programme run by Myrtillo Café which provides opportunities to many artists seeks to change the cultural profile of an urban area which is full of venues for conventional forms of entertainment and leisure pursuits.

The Myrtillo Training Programe was inaugurated in February 2013 and since has been continually enriched with new ideas.

For the year 2013-2014 the preparatory programme for entrance into  the labour market for the 24 Trainees includes the following elements:

a) Music Therapy, Group Psychotherapy, Individual Counselling, Speech and Thought Management, Creative Thinking and Literature, Drama Therapy, Eurhythmy, Practical Arithmetic.

b) Practical Training in Food Preparation, Table and Counter Service and also practice in commercial venues chosen by the trainees.


The training programme rests on three main principles:


·         Experiencing and Understanding

·         Assuming responsibilities and taking initiatives

·         Working together and developing creativity

For these reasons a large part of the everyday management of the Myrtillo Café Enterprise has been delegated to those who work there so that it can gradually become a self-sufficient and self-managed social enterprise.



The Myrtillo Social Co-operative Enterprise (ΑΜΚΕ Α00122) was founded on 29th January 2013 in accordance with the Law governing Social Co-operative Enterprises (4019/2011) which obliges such enterprises to recruit at least 40% of their staff from vulnerable social groups.
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The Myrtillo Café opened its doors on 28th October 2013.

The source of inspiration for the Myrtillo Social Co-operative Enterprise was a similar NGO – Third Sector Enterprise in Edinburgh Scotland, “The Engine Shed”:

Our aim was to transfer this programme to Greece as a pilot project, suitably adapted for the Greek situation and culture.

We thank you for your support!

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