Celebrating 20 years of jazz on Sani Hill
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The Sani Festival had its official beginning in 1993, intended as a bridge between tourism and the arts, forging links between local and foreign visitors, contributing to a richer cultural sector with more activity in the regions, and becoming a festival with its own distinctive character and identity.

Setting the highest standards of quality and innovation, the festival has introduced a range of programmes that have established themselves as regular events: Jazz on the Hill, Sounds of the World, concerts of Greek music, Sani Classic, dance performances and visual arts event.

There was never any guarantee of success. No certainty that the passionate enthusiasm for jazz of the SANI S.A. owners would strike a chord with local people or guests. It was a bold initiative, staging jazz concerts in Halkidiki in summertime, a step into the unknown.

And yet time has proved them right. Despite the difficult economic conditions of the last few years, and the current crisis, we now find ourselves celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Jazz on the Hill, the precursor of the Sani Festival.

It is truly heartening to see that so many representatives of jazz music, some of them famous, others more obscure, all superbly talented, continue to find a hospitable welcome here at the Sani Festival. Particularly heartening at a time when the country’s economic woes threaten to compromise the quality of so many areas of our lives, even this – one of the least commercial sectors of the music industry.

The Sani Festival is committed to preserving, as it has done for so many years, the bridges of communication that can be built through the arts, bringing people together and inspiring them through new experiences. We are determined to keep the Festival fresh and exciting, continually introducing our audiences to unfamiliar work and artists, alongside the old favourites, and ensuring that the programmes we present remain as stimulating as ever, the quality of artists and performance as high as it has always been.

Once again, there will be innovations to enhance this year’s programme, with avant-garde theatrical performances, as well as events to showcase the work of young Greek musicians. Seeing the world through the eyes of talented young people may help us all to find a different take on the world around us.

There is also a new twist this year to our classical music events, now to be known as Classical Waves. Concerts by distinguished Greek musicians will this year be supplemented by master classes for music lovers, presented by the musicians themselves.

I am also happy to announce that all this year’s musical programmes will have a distinctly Gallic flavour, with Jazz on the Hill, Sounds of the World and Classical Waves all featuring a number of French or French-speaking artists.

More than ever this year we hope the Festival will help us relax and enjoy ourselves through the delights of music and the arts. We look forward to it bringing a few moments of light in these dark days, some much-needed relief in these days of anxiety and uncertainty …

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sani Hill

Best wishes,

Olga Tabouris-Babalis

Artistic Director

Sani Festiva


15/7 – 3/9/11

Sani Festival Program

artists 2011

Venues: Sani Hill, Garden Theatre, Sani Convention Centre

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