Greek folk art museum

1196820869_3819There’s a museum in Athens where you might not have been and not even know. It’s the Greek Folk Art Museum, which is situated in Plaka.The main building is at 17, Kydathineon str. Plaka and there are three annexes in the Tzami, the Baths of Athens, and the building of 22, Panos str. in Plaka. We personally love the exhibits of the main building because there you can see a rich collection of local costumes, about which we are planning to tell you more in due time. NO-ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY without having at least a vague idea about the amazing costumes that differ from one area to the other.

Anyway, if you call 2103229031 you will get all the info you need about the museum. The main building is open Tues.-Sun.9am-2pm.

Modern Greek authors translated into English

imagemagic.phpNow that outdoors living is not as attractive as it is in the summer, perhaps you would enjoy reading      a good book by the fireplace.  And why not a Greek book ? And why not a Greek book translated into English?

We have chosen here some of the Modern Greek authors that we personally like and our favorite books.

We found very attractive ideas in KEDROS PUBLICATIONS* therefore we are going to recommend some books and you can refer to their site:  ( to get further info about the story.

Our own favorites are:


by: Kostas Mourselas


by: Alki Zei


by Margarita Limberaki


by Stratis Tsirkas


by Menis Koumantareas


by Evgenia Fakinou

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