It’s been a great year !


It’s been a great year !

We enjoyed meeting new people, being together with old friends, feeling your love and appreciation, THINGS THAT ARE PRECIOUS TO US AND KEEP US GOING.

Here’s an overview of some of our events in 2014. We would appreciate it a lot if you gave us your views and opinions, such as what you liked or did not like, what you would want more of or less, etc.

Give us a piece of your mind just under the post on “leave a reply” section or by sending us an e-mail at

This will help us get better. And remember: WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU ALL !

Stay tuned !!! Great things are coming up !

A walk in Christmas Athens 


Complimentary “Sharing the Athens we Love” Tour


Acropolis Museum Tour for families


Archaeological Museum & Mechanism of Antikithira

exhibition for families


A night out at Diogenis Palace


Greek Cooking Class


A visit at Dora Stratou Dance School in Plaka


“Sharing the Athens we Love” Tour

(shared with: Embassies, Companies, groups,foreign communities College students, private groups)


Petralona Tour


“Traces of the Jewish Passage in Athens” Tour


A visit at Natalia Mela’s workshop


Greek Beer Tasting


Open air cinema night at one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world




4 Days with an amazing German Group


Walking Tour of Athens


Elefsina Guided Tour


Greek Cheese Tasting

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre


Fishing Day trip on a Kaiki


Athinorama Gastronomy Festival – “Giorti Gefseis”


Stay tuned !!!

Great things are coming up

in 2 0 1 5 !

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Our next event: GREEK BEER TASTING !

Some days ago, we asked you what we were up to:

Well, is a BEER TASTING (now, that’s a first !)
And not JUST a beer tasting, we are talking about ALL the small breweries from all over Greece, Greek chutneys, Greek sausages, Greek cheese, etc. all from Greek start-ups !. All this cornucopia of flavors, will be in Nikaia on Friday the 18th of July, from 19:30 until …





The cost will be very low. Since the venue is also a retailers spot, you will be able to buy anything you like.
Please apply at
or land line: 2108077073, or cell: 6937073699
PS: the venue can only take up to 20 – 25 people. So hurry !!!







It’s time for an open-air cinema !



One of the most enjoyable and popular features of Athens in the summer is the open air or summer (“therina”) cinemas. You may never have been to one, but… trust us : you are going to love them! There is definitely one near or in your neighbourhood. The surroundings are lovely, lots of green, the night sky above you, beer and pop-corn and a film – either old or new. You don’t have to book your tickets in advance – just go and get them on the spot ! You can find summer cinemas in some holiday resorts as well (eg. Kamari cinema in Santorini which also has great drinks).

Open  air cinemas operate from May to September. Some of them have a retractable roof, which can be pulled in case of rain.

An enchanting experience

photo: Open-air cinema “THISSION”, which was awarded as one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world.

photo source: Cine Thission, official Facebook Page

‘New to Greece’ and now what to do?

By Katerina Tsitsipi

At last, you have unpacked, put the furniture into place, the kids started school, and….”WHAT AM I
DOING HERE?”, you probably think.

Well, you can do EVERYTHING here, provided that you ask the right people, meet people from your country and others, and set your mind into the task of making it and settling down, while trying to adapt in the new country.
After many years of working with expats, we have gathered some advice and experience from the side of the newcomer and the local people. 

First of all, join Newcomers! For obvious reasons! 

Don’t hesitate to ask anyone in the street for help, info, or advice. Greeks are generally quite friendly and helpful towards foreigners. If you are beginning to learn Greek, even if you know only 3 words, don’t be shy, USE THEM! Nobody will make fun of you or laugh at you. One thing I tell my students is that learning Greek opens a window in your life! Hard to believe? You think it’s an IMPOSSIBLE language to learn? 

That’s what we think, too. It’s hard. That’s why whenever we see a foreigner trying to learn it, we respect him/her, no matter what. 

About shopping: one of the best things we have in Athens, in my opinion, is the “laiki” (pronounced lie-ee-kee), the street market. If you consider that we eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day (frozen meals are not popular at all), you can understand why the laikis are always so crowded. The salesman will give you a bag to pick your own produce so that you can choose by yourself the quantity you like. They will let you taste their produce, and they might even offer you some as a present.

Tip: if you get to know the people there, you will be able to do your shopping very fast since they will choose for you. I always “threaten” jokingly that if they don’t give me super good quality, I’ll shout next time I come!

Greece is the ideal country for socializing.

Both yours and your children’s social life will be extremely rich – your diary will be full! There are zillions of things to do in Athens for adults, children, families etc. provided that you are open to all that. Don’t be afraid of staying out till late. A very popular Saturday evening activity is cinema first, eating out afterwards (you might have noticed by now that everything here is followed by food). Don’t stay within the limits of your area, go to the centre of town, venture south, go everywhere! Try to adapt your schedule to ours occasionally – within limits, sometimes we are TOO MUCH! 

On the weekends, discover our parks, playgrounds, mountains, museums, concert halls and the weekly events. Sygrou Park in Marousi, Parnitha Mountain, Poulaki Park in Filothei, are just a few places you can visit for a nice walk.

If you allow it to be, Greece can be a dream country, There are negative aspects to living here, but if you get to know the culture, the people and the language, you just may fall in love with Greece… many people do!

via: Newcomers Newsletter October 2013

you can visit:



Archaic Colors









Commencing Tuesday 31 July 2012 and for the next twelve months, the Acropolis Museum wants to conduct research on its unique collection of archaic statues, which retain their colors to a small or large degree, and to open a very extensive discussion with the public and various experts on color, its technical issues, its detection using new technologies, its experimental use on marble surfaces, its digital reconstruction, its meaning, as well as the archaic period’s aesthetic perception of color. So far, scientific research into the color found on ancient sculpture has made great progress and reached surprising conclusions that to a large degree refute the stereotypical assumptions regarding ancient sculpture. It turns out that color, far from being just a simple decorative element, added to the sculpture’s aesthetic quality.

For ancient Greeks and their society, color constituted a way to characterize various attributes. The blond hair of the gods projected their power; the brown skin of warriors and athletes was a sign of virtue and valor, while the white skin of the korai expressed the grace and radiance of youth.

The Μuseum’s initiative on Archaic Colors is based on very careful observation, on spectroscopic analysis, on special photography sessions, on efforts to reproduce the colors of antiquity and then to apply them on Parian marble, and naturally, on searching through written sources for valuable information on the pigments.
The statues’ crisp, saturated colors, on bright garments and tender bodies, combined with the rich jewelry, frequently made of metal, and elaborately curled hair created a singular aesthetic pleasure, making the archaic statues “wonderful to behold” for the people of the period.

Gallery Talks

Brief presentations which focus on “Archaic Colors” are held by Museum archaeologists – hosts, with rich visual material, both in Greek and English.

For more information click here.

Family Backpack «Archaic Colors»

On the occasion of the initiative on Archaic Colors, the Museum invites families to discover the archaic colors through the following games:

1. The game of discovering details in archaic statues, where color is preserved.
2. A painting box, which contains original mineral colors and pencils for children to color the Peplos Kore.
3. The DOMINO with some of the designs – in a variety of colors freely selected – that decorated mainly the clothing and earrings of the archaic korai.

For more information click here.

Color the Peplos Kore

Visitors also have the opportunity to continue participating in the “Archaic Colors“ initiative from home, through the online digital interactive game “Color the Peplos Kore“.  Visitors can use the brush and colors of their choice, color the statue of Peplos Kore and finally print and save their work as many times as they wish and in several variations





A/C and TV in every bungalow.

WiFi connection

BBQ & traditional oven

Room Service: daily

The House is located:

35 km from the city of Athens

15 km from the Athens Airport

20 km from Ferry-Port of Lavrio

300 m from the beach


a) Private health Centre on the road to Lavrio

b)Public health Centre in Markopoulo

SHOPS, Mini & Super Markets: in Porto Rafti & Markopoulo

Tavernas: fish tavernas nearby, meat tavernas in Kalivia

Bars & Pubs: in Porto Rafti

please CONTACT:

Mr Nikos Makris 6944188925

Ms Niki Makris 6944571283

Ms Maria Makris 6945856464

sharing the Athens we love with you !

Dearest friends,
Look at the lovely photos Uschi took during our walk in the centre before Easter!
We had a great time and we are planning a lot more.
Come and join us!
photos & comments: by Uschi

Joanne looking at the carpets

Neat little Taverna we found

On our way to Katerina’s favorite shopping area in Athens

We just loved some of the Art on the houses

Katerina telling everyone to come and check it out

Leslie admiring old books

wonder whats behind this door???

a cafe called Tafts

it has been at one time a house with apartments

Meat market in Athens, a must see for sure

Fish Market Athens, you can get all the seafood your heart desires there

Thank you Katerina from Livinlovin for being our tourguide on saturday……

Mythology in English

Dearest friends,

Our Mythology group this year will deal with the adventures of Ulysses (Odysseus) and our aim is to take our little friends to the theatre to watch one of the best plays for children that we have ever seen with the same theme, the Odyssey. Last year we took our Mythology Group to a theater play about the part of the Mythology that we had dealt with, and the children loved it because, even though it was in Greek, they could follow and they also loved Savopoulos’ music.

If you are interested, contact us to discuss the details. Our group usually meets on Sundays at 5.00, but we are flexible.

Modern Greek literature into German & French !!

Remember our article about Greek literature books translated into English? We’ve got news for you! We’ve found great books translated into German and French as well!

SchattenhochzeitTbWe were determined (and still are) to expand your knowledge of Modern Greek writers and we have been looking around quite thoroughly. First we found KEDROS books in English, then books in Spanish at LIBRERIA ESPANOLA, and now we found a treasure of books in French at KAUFFMANN (28,Stadiou str. tel.2103222160),one of our favorite bookstores in Athens – and one of the oldest, too -and books in German at NOTOS (15,Omirou str., opposite Goethe Institute, tel.2103629746).

Both of them have several books we’ve read and loved. If you need advice about what to choose, contact us or visit:

KAUFFMANN does not have all their books on their site, so either go there (we’d be glad to go with you) or contact us.