“Partagez notre amour pour Athènes”



Un superbe petit tour dans le vieux Athènes avec Katherina qui nous a livrée tous ses secrets et nous a fait découvrir des petits recoins admirables et originaux. Un grand merci Patrick & Sonia.



“Partagez notre amour pour Athènes”
Notre tour “Partagez notre amour pour Athènes” est très prisé chez nos clients, leurs proches, amis ou invités. 
C’est un peu de tout: histoire, mythologie, architecture, dégustation de préparations locales, tradition grecque, l’Athènes d’ aujourd’hui, du shopping etc.
Ça se passe au centre historique d’ Athènes, à Plaka, à Psiri, à Monastiraki et les quartiers autour avec leurs petits secrets, leurs monuments et vues uniques, leurs petites chapelles et bien sûr on se régale en goûtant des spécialités locales dans le vieux marché…
On s’amuse à faire de petites pauses pour un café ou un rafraîchissement, pour un snack, une dégustation ou déjeuner sur des terrasses-jardins et des lieux que peu connaissent.
Dans le prix ne sont pas inclus les cafés, les rafraîchissements, le repas ou le vin ou bien les entées aux sites qu’on visite.
Pour tout dire, c’est un tour coupé sur mesure, on s’ adapte alors, volontiers, aux intérêts, aux goûts, aux suggestions ou les préférences de nos groupes.


OENORAMA ’17: World’s leading Greek wine exhibition.

World’s leading Greek wine exhibition.
The most important wine appointment of Greece for consumers and professionals,
Greeks and foreigners.
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Welcome to Oenorama, the world’s leading Greek wine exhibition. Oenorama was created in 1994 and over the years has adapted to changes in the wine market remaining pertinent, beneficial and accessible to both the consumer and the wine trade. The one thing that hasn’t changed at Oenorama is the show’s protagonist: Wine.

Twenty-three years down the line, Oenorama has evolved from a traditional wine fair into a multi-level communication platform that caters to the needs of a diverse public, including growers, the trade (both foreign and domestic) and wine-loving consumers. It seeks to effectively promote the wines, the wineries and the people behind the wines, both inside the exhibition and online, due to its dynamic presence on social media, which will be expanded even further this year.

Once again, this year’s Oenorama is being held in the city centre, at the Zappeion Megaron Exhibition Hall and Conference Centre, adjacent to the National Gardens; this historic venue (where Greece signed its accession to the European Common Market in 1981), has proven an ideal location for Oenorama in both size and style. The beautiful high-ceilinged halls have plenty of natural light and it is easily accessible with all forms of transportation; numerous hotels and restaurants are within walking distance, making Zappeion convenient to both exhibitors and visitors. For the foreign visitor, it is a mere 40’ train ride from the airport.



Οινικές Απκαλύψεις Athens Wine Week
Over the past two years we introduced several innovations to Oenorama, including the “Athens Wine Week” (tastings and events around the city, March 13-19), a dedicated hall to “top obscure wines” called “Wine Revelations”, a new self-pour tasting gallery called “Discover Greek Wines”, a stand representing “Olive Oils by Greek Winemakers” and the “Greek Wine Resto” initiative whose aim is to create a worldwide network of restaurants with Greek wine lists. Ελλοινικό Εστιατόριο Ελλοινικό Εστιατόριο This year we are adding a new, dedicated space for lectures and tasting seminars and digital signage throughout the fair with live feeds from social media and other useful information for our visitors and exhibitors.

This year, thanks to Enterprise Greece, Oenorama is also expecting a group of wine buyers and journalists from Korea and Japan, as well as wine experts Robert Joseph and Jamie Goode from the United Kingdom, who will be giving a lecture on global wine trends.

Visitors can also expect to find some of the most important suppliers of the Greek wine industry in a dedicated area called Oenotechnica, approximately at the midsection of the exhibition.



Discover Greek Wines
Oenorama is hosting up to 250 wineries this year, with more than 1,500 wines to taste. If, as a foreign visitor, you feel lost with all these wines and wineries, a good place to start your visit, is the Oenorama Tasting Gallery “Discover Greek Wines”. You will find about 250 of the show’s best wines, selected by the growers themselves as the most representative of their regions and a huge map of the Greek vineyards. Wines are organized by colour, region and grape variety (especially useful for comparisons) and are presented with a tasting sheet with all the basic information you need. You pour your own and don’t have to worry about sharing your impressions with anyone. Entry to the tasting gallery is free of charge for trade and open to the general public for an extra 5€ on the entry price (coupons are for sale at the show entrance and are valid for one visit only).


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Exhibitor participation at Oenorama – Oinotechnia 2017 exceeded all expectations this year





“LIVIN’and LOVIN’ it in Greece” proudly supports  Oenorama 2017


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Wineries and Vineyards across Greece open their doors to the public

Wine lovers and bon viveurs will have the chance to indulge on May 28-29, when wineries and vineyards across Greece open their doors to the public for an intoxicating wine and dine experience.


article source: gtp.gr, all photos by “LIVIN’ and LOVIN’ IT in GREECE” were taken when we visited several wineries to prepare our wine tour


The two-day series titled “Open Doors”, an initiative of the European Network of Wine Cities (RECEVIN), includes vineyard, production area and wine cellar tours, wine tasting sessions and many surprises.




The Wine Producers Association of the Vineyard of Central Greece (ENOAKE) is participating in the event and invites all lovers of the vine to come along and meet the producers, taste their wines and stroll selected routes that traverse the country’s most picturesque viticultural zones.

While there, visitors will have the chance to select from a wide variety of wines at attractive prices.




Meanwhile, the Wines of Crete network will also be participating with a series of food and wine tasting events featuring local delicacies and wine varieties.

“Open Doors” at wineries across Greece run between 11am and 7pm. Admission is free.

Some of the wine routes included are: the Olympus Gods, Epirus, Limnon, Naoussa, Pella-Goumenissa, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Dionysus and Crete.


source: gtp.gr

Since the wineries that participate in the “Open Doors” event are many, we could not possibly include each and every one of them. All wineries that participate in “dromoi krasiou” (roads of wines), of Attica, Peloponnese, Crete, and Northern Greece will be open from 11:00 to 19:00.


If you are interested, please check wineevents.gr where you can find a large number of participating wineries (in Greek)


“LIVIN’ and LOVIN’ IT IN GREECE” Strongly Supports these Initiatives


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Home-made spoon sweet, authentically Greek!


I tasted “spoon sweets” for the very first time when I was very young. In our garden my grandfather had planted two apricot trees which made delicious apricots and their stone was as sweet as almonds. Every summer around June, my mother used to pick apricots while they were still hard. The ripe fruit was used by the ladies living in the neighborhood to make delicious jam. I remember my mother doing this job with love and patience. She would wash the apricots, peal them, left them overnight in lime and then placed them carefully in a large heavy pot to cook them. Instead of almonds she would add in the sweet the stones of the apricots which she would break with a wooden hammer. The sweet smell of apricot remains for days at home. And the color of the syrup was so bright…
Aunt Asimina used to make sweet and sour cherries from the trees she had in her yard while grandmother Elenitsa was a specialist in making sweet grape with lots of almonds.
The serving of this particular type of sweets in the 50′s was still a ritual. The jars with the sweets of various fruit were locked in a closet away from the reach of children of the house. The jars appeared whenever there were visitors at home. The “spoon sweet” was served in a special jar with spoons hanging from its neck. Each visitor would take a spoonful of the sweet straight from the jar and serve it on a special crystal plate. Probably the name of this sweet comes from this particular procedure.
“Spoon sweet”! A unique name! I could never find a corresponding name in other languages. The “Spoon sweet” slowly began to lose its primacy in the family houses. As in the 60’s the electric refrigerator found its place in Greek homes, initially in big cities and later in little towns and villages, the ladies of the house turned their interest into more sophisticated sweets based on outlandish ingredients which could be kept in the refrigerator. The “spoon sweet” was put aside and began to be regarded as old fashioned, forgotten by most households even in the country side…
sourse/read more: visitgreece,gr