a guided tour of The Μuseum of Greek Folk Art (En)

Dearest friends,
We are planning a guided tour (En) of The Μuseum of Greek Folk Art  (Central Building, 17 Kydathinaion Str., Plaka),
on Sunday the 8th of May at 11.00 in the morning.
We’ll give you all details later.
You don’t want to miss this tour, trust us. The reasons are that the museum is one of the best you can visit to get a clear picture of the Greek tradition and culture and the most important point is our guide, who is a specialist and extremely knowledgable in the field.
So don’t hesitate: contact us to get a group together. The cost will depend on the number of the participants – the more, the cheaper. The entrance fee will be probably halved (1 euro instead of 2) just for us !
to book, please contact us
see you there !!!

Dance with us !

Sometimes during an event we feel very intensely “God, it’s so beautiful! I wish more people could attend it!” That’s how we felt last Friday at the Lykeion during our event on Greek tradition.

The guide was amazing, she switched from English to German and then to French without hesitating when she saw that it would be easier for some of our friends to follow what she was saying.

The things she told us were extremely interesting,we saw costumes

and learned their background and history,about the various fabrics they used and why, how the costumes were related to the historical and social events and lots of other things.

Then the dancing lesson, then dancing with the professional team of the Lykeion,

their hospitality and friendliness,…it was all so beautiful!

We loved it, we loved being with all of you and getting you into our life and culture. We like your openness, your interest in learning more about the country you live in,either permanently or temporarily, and we are here to offer you more chances to do that. Don’t think that we are the only ones who offer,we learn from you as well,we learn about your cultures, we want to meet you because we like open-minded people wherever they come from.Thanks for your participation and we are confident we will see you again at our next event. Don’t forget,we’ve only just begun!

a new event: Greek Tradition !!!

You can’t imagine how excited I am!

I’ve just come home from the centre of Athens where I visited the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, which was founded in 1911 in Greece by Callirroe Parren,

a pioneer of the feminist movement in Greece and the first woman journalist.

The Lyceum is a volunteer organization which has, for 93 years, played an important role in the preservation and presentation of Greek cultural traditions and folk customs.

Why all that? Because we are organizing an event there for you, which will involve a visit to their exhibition of traditional costumes,dancing, and we’ll say no more!

All we can tell you is that you will just love it!!!

The two dates we have in mind are 12/3 (roughly 5-9) and 16/4 .

The event has to be on a Friday evening, we’ll tell you why later.

Another idea we are toying with is a visit there on a Saturday morning with kids who will attend a dance group with children or a workshop.

What we need you to do is write us to say whether you’re interested and when.

All our photos and info. have been taken from the Lyceum’s annual publications

Kathari Deftera !!

Kali Sarakosti!

artist: Spyros Vassiliou

As we have said before, we always wish  ‘KALO’ something or other, and these days can be no exception to the rule.

This wish means ” Happy Lent”  and it refers to Kathari Deftera( Clean Monday) when we start fasting. Now “fasting” means

very specific food that we eat on that day: seafood, pickles, taramosalata, vegetables, and a special flat bread called “lagana” that bakeries sell only on that day.

The day calls for family outings in the country and the flying of kites. When we were kids we used to make our own kites and compete with other kids in the neighbourhood over whose kite could fly higher, but that’s all over now, baby blue…

So, if the weather allows and if on Kathari Deftera you’re in Athens, go either to your area’s Koulouma feast or go to Filopappos hill near the Acropolis to see the traditional celebration.

PS. Go to the bakery early Monday morning to get your lagana bread, it may be crowded later.

If you want to eat at a tavern, call and make sure they provide Sarakostiana( Lent food).


As you can see in the photos, we always used to enjoy Carnival, especially when we were little and innocent! Carnival in Greece is a popular holiday with some history behind it (of course!), as in ancient times it was associated with Dionyssos, the god of wine and feast. Obviously, this god is still celebrated here, that’s why we have lots of fun these days. Later on, the Orthodox church incorporated this holiday in its tradition  to mark the beginning of  no – meat – eating time, which officially starts the weekend after “ Burnt Thursday”, that is today (4/2). Today, dear friends, is paradise for meat lovers. All taverns serve meat, people go out and eat as much as they can, so, if you are a vegetarian, choose a fish tavern or stay at home and enjoy your “tofu” in peace. After this day conscientious believers don’t eat meat again until Easter Sunday!

Did you know that APOKRIES means apo-kreas, that is stay away from meat? Anyway, we are suggesting here

some events that you might like to attend, especially if you have kids who have to wear their carnival costume

somewhere and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, take them to Plaka, or Zappion, or….(we know, we’ve been there…)

Sat.6/2, 11am there will be a Carnival parade of children and floats from the beginning of  Dionissiou Areopagitou pedestrian road to Thission, where a Latin party will be hel

Sun.7/2, Sat. 13/2, and

Sun. 14/2 there will be a party for children at Zappeion 10.30-4.30 with Djs, floats, stilt walkers, jugglers.

Another event that we found appealing is the ATHENS ALLEYCAT CARNIVAL RACE. All you have to do is dress up, take your bike and meet them opposite REX THEATRE, on Panepistimiou avenue. To enter the race you have to pay 3 euros .Sunday 7/2 at 3pm.

Mind you, this is the second week of Carnival. After the end of the third week we celebrate Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday) about which we’ll let you know in due time. Till then, let your hair down (dye it pink, even better), and join the parties!!!

making traditional melomakarona & kourambiedes !

IMGP1370IMGP1385Just before Christmas we got together with a very ambitious plan:

we were determined to make the traditional Greek Christmas cookies called melomakarona and kourambiedes.

The task proved a highly challenging one…


Even my mom, who, believe me, is a terribly strict judge, approved! The evening achieved its goal and we also had lots of fun, as you can guess from the photos.

We hope to see you as well next year!


PS: the date on the photos is wrong due to malfunction of the camera



the team on the GO !


mixing ingredients


caster sugar on the kourambiedes is a must


moving on to… melomakarona mission


non-idle hands !



KE TOU CHRONOU (next year again !)