It’s time for an open-air cinema !



One of the most enjoyable and popular features of Athens in the summer is the open air or summer (“therina”) cinemas. You may never have been to one, but… trust us : you are going to love them! There is definitely one near or in your neighbourhood. The surroundings are lovely, lots of green, the night sky above you, beer and pop-corn and a film – either old or new. You don’t have to book your tickets in advance – just go and get them on the spot ! You can find summer cinemas in some holiday resorts as well (eg. Kamari cinema in Santorini which also has great drinks).

Open  air cinemas operate from May to September. Some of them have a retractable roof, which can be pulled in case of rain.

An enchanting experience

photo: Open-air cinema “THISSION”, which was awarded as one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world.

photo source: Cine Thission, official Facebook Page

join us on this weekend of magic !

Dearest friends, WE ARE SO HAPPY !!!

Remember when I told you about a surprise we were preparing for you ?

Well, it looks like we can make it AT LAST!

You will all-and we mean AAAAAALL- have the chance to watch “MIKRA ANGLIA”, a multi award-winning film by Pandelis Voulgaris based on the book Mikra Anglia by Ioanna Karystiani. with English subtitles!

You will be the only ones to see the film with English subtitles at a cinema, as we have managed to get the rights from the company !
On top of that, you will see it at an open-air cinema in the Chora of Andros that will open exclusively for us.

Why we want you to see this film? Because when we saw it,we thought that it’s a must-see,we absolutely adored it !

Imagine seeing this film where it was made and being in the atmosphere !

There will also be a tour in Chora guided by a local very knowledgeable guide, and of course plenty of time afterwards to stroll the streets and lanes of a unique island town, try the local cuisine and take photographs.

Mark the dates: Saturday 31/05 & Sunday 01/06, and details will come very soon !

We are so HAPPY that our “little”dream is coming true !!!


We are pleased to announce
four new special screenings of the acclaimed documentary film

film director Vassilis Loules

from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 October 2013

Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, and Sunday 3rd November

at 20:00

206 Piraeus Str., Tavros, Athens, Tel: 210 3418550

The film’s director Vassilis Loules will be present every night
to share his experiences with the audience and answer questions after the screening.

On Thursday October 24th and on Friday October 25th the film is going to be projected with English Subtitles.
The original version is in Greek.

With the support of the Embassy of Canada to the Hellenic Republic.

The award-winning documentary tells the personal stories five Greek-Jewish children who were saved by Christian families from persecution during the Nazi Occupation of Greece in World War II. These children are among the few survivors to tell their stories to current and future generations.

The film also describes the life of Greek Jewish Communities before WWII through rare images of Occupied Greece obtained from archival material, as well as amateur films taken by German soldiers and illegal footage shot by Greek patriots.

For more details, please have a look at the attached file (KISSES TO THE CHILDREN_info_M. CACOYANNIS FOUNDATION)
and at: