Canned Heat + Down & Out @ Gagarin 205
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“The simple truth is that drummer, Adolfo “Fito” de la Parra, has recurring back problems wherein he gets “out of alignment” and has extreme pain and immobility and cannot walk or certainly not play the drums.  Usually, he then requires three to four days of complete rest before he can be active again.  This is what happened in the middle of their current European Tour causing the cancellation of their scheduled show at Gagarin 205 in Athens, Greece.  Hopefully, this performance can be rescheduled to September 11, when they return for another European Tour in the fall.”

Skip Taylor, manager

203 – 205 Liosion str.

tel: +30 210 8547 601-2
fax: +30 210 8547 488

nearest Electric railway station: ATTIKI

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