Caetano Veloso in concert

Though tropicalismo, the art movement that brought about a Brazilian music revolution in the Sixties, may now seem a long way off, its controversial leader has never stopped striving towards the utopian dream it brought into being. Making friends and enemies and reinventing himself and his image along the way, Caetano Veloso has remained true to the tropicalistas and the freedom they strived for. In his new rock incarnation, he cocks a snook at the past as he keeps on penning classics for the future.

Pedro Sá, Musical Director / Guitar
Ricardo Dias Gomes, Bass / Keyboard
Marcelo Callado, Drums

Tour Manager : João Franklin
Production, personal assistant : Giovanna Chanley
Production assistant : Miguel Lavigne
FOH Sound Engineer : Wlademiro Furquim
Daniel Carvalho : MON Sound Engineer
Video operator : Marcos Motta
Light Designer : André Botto
Roadie Backline : Gabriel Gomes
Roadies : Amilcar Cruz, Luciano Silva

Stage Management: Visiteurs du soir

Production: Visiteurs du soir

source: greek

12 July 2010, 21:00

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

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