BOOK BAZAAR at the Benaki Museum
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photo: a book by Tsigakou Fani-Maria

Y. Moralis: Angels, Music, Poetry

The Benaki Museum is organising a Book Bazaar in the Pireos Annexe (Pireos Street 138) from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th April 2013, during the usual opening hours of the building.

The bazaar will include 230 titles, all published by the Benaki, with a 50 and 70% discount on their sale price. This is the first time in the Museum’s history that such a large number of titles are put on offer.

The subjects of the publications mirror the features, interests and activities of the Benaki Museum and range from Classical Greece, Byzantine Culture, Folklore, Modern Greek Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, to Photography and European art.

Representative of the books to be included are: Athens 1839-1900: Α Photographic record, Ghika and the Avant-Garde in Interwar Europe, Nikolaos Tombazis (1894-1986) India – Greece, Costas Tsoklis, The world of Dionysis Fotopoulos, Costas Balafas: Photographic Hierarchy on Mount Athos, The photographer Voula Papaioannou: From the Photographic Archives of the Benaki Museum, etc.

An aducational programme entitled “Playing on the subject Historic Athens” has been organised for children who will come with their parents to the Book Bazaar.

04/04/2013 – 07/04/2013
Benaki Museum
Benaki Museum

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