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So sounds the Mississippi blues!

O James “Boo Boo” Davis is a fighter of life and blues, perhaps belonging to the last generations of musicians that write and play the blues that comes from everyday life and difficulties of the hard life in the Mississippi Delta , an area which and fractures.

Born in Drew in 1943 , the source artist grew up in the heart of the Yangtze River in southern regions with huge cotton plantations in an area where the presence of thousands of workers of the land and attracted the best musicians around. But in this region as the land is rich , another so rich is the tradition of blues. O Boc Boc son musician who played with John Lee Hooker, the great Elmore James and Robert Pete Williams and remember these giants playing in the living room of his house. These images and the endless song of the workers in the fields of cotton laid the foundation for his interest in music , so from the age of 5 years, the Boo Boo played harmonica and sang in church. Later will catch the guitar and with his brothers and father will make band , which will play in the surrounding areas .

His voice at live was so strong and pervasive that in the course of his life he was to destroy … many speakers and amplifiers ! Shortly afterwards , moves with his brothers in north St. Louis, which culminated then Ike Turner, the Chuck Berry or Albert King and established their side , at a very competitive musical environment . Although resident St Louis, where he remained aware of the success and publicity , his heart beating Boo Boo back to the south and habits remained humble and simple . When he was a child , after all , the family did not have what was required to go both school, so never learned to read and write ! This does not prevent him from later toured all across the world and make a great career that he did, albeit somewhat late in life. The blues and the spirit that guides him (which he calls … Dave!) Keep his inspiration high and simplify everyday life .

The first tour of Europe made it until 2000 and then visited by an average of two times a year , appearing in the biggest festival of the continent. He has already recorded five successful drives some of whom entered the charts of the best blues records. After the end of one of these tours , Davis decided to remove the bass from the band and touring , plus , as trio, with drums, guitar and the harmonica and the same voice. An idea may initially seem a bit crazy , but then proved to be a highly intelligent conception .

And as he wrote the well-known British magazine “Blues & Rhythm”, for the sound of Boo Boo Davis: « It’s heavy Mississippi backbeat blues that stays on your senses until you surrender to the seductive rhythms .” The original Mississippi blues artist Boo Boo Davis, brings images and sounds of the Delta coming soon and we at the scene of Half Note Jazz Club!

BOO BOO DAVIS: vocals, harmonica
JON GERRITSE: drums , percussion

TICKET PRICES: 15 euros (bar, with beer or wine) – 25 euros (a table with beer or wine)

12/10/2013 – 15/10/2013


17, Trivonianou Str. Mets 11636, Athens, Greece

RESERVATIONS Monday-Sunday 11.30-19.30:

tel +30 210 9213310

After 20.00: tel +30 210 923236

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