Blender Festival – 25 Live Bands @ 24 Concerts
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BLENDER is an open air music festival which is being born this year at the top floor terrace of Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Its aim is to promote young singers, musicians and groups regardless to the music genre, characterized by: Fresh sound, innovative music, high aesthetics of sound result and impressive stage performance, whether this refers to the vibrant vibes and the communicative ability of the artistic expression, with simple or sophisticated media, or to the use of audiovisual media of up to date technology.

BLENDER is open to diversity, to what impresses positively, to what corresponds to brand new or even classic sounds which however are approached by a contemporary perspective. BLENDER’s ambition is to become a norm for cultural proceedings which would fight for good manners, quality and moral values which should determine music and singing.

BLENDER at the top floor terrace of the Foundation’s Cultural Centre, an area with undoubtedly positive energy, truly at an open air terrace of a modern building, with sky and stars just above it, offers space for expression to young, talented youngsters in order to address unconditionally their thoughts and feelings having at the same time numerous assets of technical equipment as well as limitless encouragement and support.

The Blender spins, mixes and creates something interesting, juicy while making an impressive sound! “My own” Blender spins notes and images, mixes different sounds of music and creates a breath of fresh air, hope, originality and joy! Enjoy yourselves!

•    May 18th
Marietta Fafouti and band

•    May 19th
Le page

•    May 20th
Masturbation goes Cloud
+ support EGSUN

•    May 21st
Lumiere Brother

•    May 25th
Graveyard Cafe Band

•    May 26th
Penny and the Swingin’ Cats

•    May 27th
Space Blanket

•    May 28th
George Gaudi

•    June 1st

•    June 2nd

•    June 3rd
Jamming Funkers

•    June 4th
Abbie Gale

•    June 8th

•    June 9th
Tango with Lions

•    June 10th
Yiorgos Psihoyios trio

•    June 11th
Sugahspank! & Τhe Swing Shoes

•    June 15th
Baby Guru

•    June 16th
The Burger Project

•    June 17th
Zen Garden

•    June 18th
Γιώργης Χριστοδούλου (Yiorgis Christodoulou)

•    June 22nd
Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) & Τηλέμαχος Μούσας (Tilemachos Moussas)

•    June 23rd
ινφο (info)

•    June 24th
Ιωάννης (Ioannis

•    June 25th
Evripidis and his Tragedies


From Wednesday 18 May to Saturday 25 June 2011

Address: Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens
Information +30 210-3418550

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