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Sometimes it is difficult to be in the right place at the right time. But if you are sitting right now in the auditorium of the IMAGE theatre then you have succeeded. Welcome! Of course, not all the theatres are the same. Black theatre is different; the light is different and the dark is different. The intense darkness of black theatre is full of fantasy. Poetic pictures are approaching you from the mysterious and almost indefinite depth of a black cabinet. You cannot see the actors, as they are invisible. Suddenly you can see them rather well and almost dangerously close. Dance will express the unspoken, disturb emotions and overcome laws of physics. Music will bring inanimate to life, tragic will change into comic, unbelievable will become real. And, moreover, your imagination will fully awake. If you are willing to join our exploration, inside you may find something you have never known existed.
Look at the world with eyes of children.
Look from different shapes.
Nothing is such that it seems to be.
There are not always tricks.
Please notice minor things.
Everything what you can imagine is possible to realize.
Believe in impossible.
Everything is possible.
Speak to animals, plants and stones.
Never say no.
Nothing is black and white.
Use all colours.
Remember your Déja vu.
Be aware of all circumstances.
Walk backwards.
Try writing with the wrong hand.
Keep your eyes wide open when necessary.
Keep your eyes tightly shut when necessary.
Dream even if you are not sleeping.
Do not sleep when you are living.
Use all your abilities.
Continue yourselves.

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16, 17 & 18/12/11

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Alsos Stratou,  GOUDI

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