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Still very upsetting, the voice of Barbara becomes unwavering, supported by inspired musicians. Between Candombe, tango, jazz and salsa, Barbara Luna continues to widen this elegant blend acoustic praised by experts, where the tradition meets the contemporary sound. Singer generous and amazing charisma, she explores the roots of African American and Argentine music. Roots it endorsed through a mixing assumed with happiness and we are happy to share, saying that we are “Somos”.

In his soul echoing drums bright full of life and hope of “Murga”, “la Cumbia”, while his heart races on a bolero, tango, a book of passion …

In “Ruta 3, the paths cross again and again with light, depth and musical richness offered the trip as a gift, where joy and melancholy dance together: Argentina today, avant-garde .
This adventure, one of the most beautiful since its inception, focused all its influences extensively studied and well treated, and the meeting with Raul Paz seems very natural. It leaves its mark after it plunged into the world of Barbara. Musicians globe-trotters, of different origin: Cuba, Colombia, Guyana, France groove give this singular.
The legendary Route 3 in Argentina takes us to the end of Patagonia: paths endless expanses of the eye, landscapes and climates poles and life changing as we advance .. . in view of his creations of words and music: a turning towards the fluidity, all these mixtures pursuing a clear style “Barbara Luna.”

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10 & 11/12, 22:30


32 – 34 Voutadon st. ,GAZI
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