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Béjart Ballet Lausanne

In a sense this ballet was created due to some meetings and coincidences. In 1970s I listened with a pleasure to Queen group – not more. I never thought it could interest me too much. Accidentally I caught the end of a TV programme about them being broadcast by “Arte” channel. It was just before, or after, Donn’s death. Freddie Mercury and Donn died at the same age. Both had very different personalities, but the same passion for life and extrovert performance. I felt there was a connection between Donn and Freddie Mercury

“Then I found this chalet above Montreux. I sat and marvelled at the landscape which stretched over the Lake Geneva as far as the eye could see. The release of Queen’s latest album Made In Heaven came a few days later, and I saw on the cover exactly the same view. I’m very sensitive to this kind of coincidence.”

“I began to read books on Freddie Mercury, on his life. I learned that he was born in Zanzibar, that he lived in India, that he had Iranian descent, that his family belonged to the parsee community. “Parsi” came from “Persian”. Parsis were the worshipers of Zoroaster-Zarathushtra, they left their native country for Bombay at the time of the Moslem invasion. The birth name of Freddie Mercury is Farrokh Bulsara. I read that he was buried in London after a private ceremony led by zoroastrian priests. In short, I became interested in Freddie Mercury and Queen, and this made me read again Henry Corbin’s books.

“I see it as a joyful ballet, neither sinister nor defeatest. Inspired by Freddie Mercury and Jorge Donn, it will not be a ballet about AIDS, but about those who died young. Between Queen tracks I’ll include some piano or instrumental pieces by Mozart, but not vocal ones, because all the pieces of Queen are sung. Mozart is also someone who died young, at 35, ten years younger than Freddie and Donn who died in 45

Maurice Béjart
about Ballet for Life

Choreography: Maurice Beιjart
Music: Queen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Costumes: Gianni Versace
Lights: Clιment Cayrol
Video: Germaine Cohen

25 – 28/2

Badminton Theater

Olympic Properties

Alsos Stratou, GOUDI

nearest metro station: Katehaki

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