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The Avant Première formed in March 2013. A common output instigated their music starting as low lights, smoke and atmospheric melodies spontaneously spawned the need for creating a personal soundtrack.

With covers of hidden gems of the international film and their own songs, returning at the Half Note and invite you to share with them the once festive and sometimes languid mood that characterizes the style. On the route of the Spanish Riviera as the dark streets of Gotham City, unique escorts notes.

Claire Dimopoulou: voice
Vassilis Nikolopoulos: piano
Sotiris Pepelas: trumpet
Skal: bass
Anthony Phillis: drums.
Guest the amazing Nick Roussakis


17, Trivonianou Str. Mets 11636, Athens, Greece

RESERVATIONS Monday-Sunday 11.30-19.30: tel +30 210 9213310

After 20.00: tel +30 210 923236

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