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Among the announced events this autumn the Danish Institute presents a series of lectures on

the prehistory of Greece (marked below with an asterisk). Additional events currently in

planning will be announced later and posted on our website


Thursday 27 September 7 p.m.

Plato’s late philosophy in the light of the Epinomis? Lecture in English by Dr Erik Ostenfeld, associate

professor, Classical Studies, University of Aarhus.


* Tuesday 2 October 7 p.m.

When Early Man crossed the Mediterranean. Recent Paleolithic Finds from the South Coast of Crete.

Lecture in English by Peder Mortensen, honorary professor at the department for Cross-Cultural

and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen.


Thursday 4 October 8 p.m.

Concert: the Danish ensemble Psalmodie (quintet of i.a. vocal, cello, violin, bouzouki and

percussion) play their own new versions of old and beloved hymns of Danish writers such as

Grundtvig and Kingo. For more information please see:

Psalmodie also plays a midday concert on Tuesday 2 October at 12.00, at the Music Library of

Greece “Lilian Voudouri”, of the Friends of Music Society, in the Athens Concert Hall, Megaro

Mousikis. For more information please see:


* Thursday 18 October 7 p.m.

Obsidian, Jade axes and Gold matrices from the New Carlsberg Glyptothek – Gaining new knowledge of the

Greek Prehistory. Lecture in English by Dr Lasse Sørensen, fellow at The National Museum of

Denmark, Department of Danish Prehistory.


* Thursday 8 November 7 p.m.

Illuminating the Cave: Chipped stone, Social Identity and Regionality in the Neolithic Ionian. Lecture in

English by Dr Niels H. Andreasen, MSc, Copenhagen.


Thursday to Sunday 6-9 December

Fokus Fortifikation. Conference on the Research of Fortifications in Antiquity

Organized by the International Research Network Fokus Fortifikation in collaboration with the

Danish Institute at Athens and The German Archaeological Institute, Berlin.

Please note: this event takes place in the auditorium of the Acropolis Museum, Athens.

Registration required for participation. For more information please see:

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