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The international festival of digital arts and new media of Greece, Athens Video Art Festival, continuing its journey through the world of contemporary arts and new technologies returns for its seventh edition.

Supporting its basic principles and with the heritage of its seven years long history, Athens Video Art Festival represents our country internationally by presenting year by year cultural activities from worldwide in the most integral way with the aim of familiarizing the Greek public with new media in the context of a general effort to unite the diverse dots of the artistic map. In the context of its program, we had the pleasure to present a series of tributes to some of the most important figures, such as Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Bill Vorn and Andy Warhol in collaboration with either local or international organizations. Artists from around the world have the opportunity to present their artworks through the annual call for entries for the seven categories of its program (Video Art – Video Installations – Installation Art – Animation – Digital Image – Performance Art – Web Art), composing a platform of dialogue among the diverse aspect of digital culture.

Following the famous Nam June Paik’s quote «The future is now», the upcoming edition of Athens Video Art Festival suggests the continuous redesignation of thesis, aims and principles of everyday life inviting both artists and the public to coexist as colleagues in a journey to the future.

In the context of the program of its forthcoming edition, Athens Video Art Festival is scheduled to host artworks for the seven official categories, whereas attendants will have the opportunity to get familiar with eleven of the most outstanding festivals of digital arts from six European countries, as well as to view a special tribute to one of the most influential cultural movements, FLUXUS, entitled «Fluxus is an attitude».

Supporting the role and the character of Athens Video Art Festival, as well as appreciating modern artists’ artistry, this year’s program is enriched by a special category under the title «Believe the hype». The showrooms will host artworks created by artists that outstood during the past one year, in the framework of an exhibition curated by the Athens Video Art Festival Production Team.

Last but not least, with the aim of maintaining the interaction between the several elements of art and influenced by the phrase «Music is the healing force of the universe», Athens Video Art Festival 2011 adds to its program a special music line up inaugurating for the very first time in its history a second, inner stage.

Supported by:
Cultural Organization of Municipality of Athens, «Technopolis» of Municipality of Athens, Peiraios 100, Gkazi

Media sponsors:
Mega, MTV Greece, docTV, tvxs, αθηνόραμα, 2board, Athens Voice, City Press, Free Sunday, PC World, Computer Active, Athens News, Aesthetica Magazine, Digital Artist, +design, Υποβρύχιο, SONIK, SOUL, Σινεμά, Velvet, Platform, Echomove, Αθήνα 9.84, Air 104.4, Best 92.6, Στο Κόκκινο 105.5,,,, Breathtaking Athens, artAZ, Urban Style Mag, artmag, ελ, Dailymotion,,,,, art fox,, e-artnow, Shooting People, ARTE Creative.

Admission time: 16:00 – 04.00 am
Bus: Νο 21 (Omonia Square)
Bus: 035, 049, 811, 815, 838, 914, Β18, Γ18, 731, 031.
Tube station «Kerameikos»
Additional information:
Mail address: info [at]
Tel: +30 211 71 08 073

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