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Athens PLAYTHON Festival
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Are you ready to come together and dance with stoplights, win epic battles, concur the streets, “run” in the Athens Plaython? The city’s first ever street games festival is happening the weekend of the 29 & 30th of September 2012, hosting a marathon of big games and workshops for every age!


GAMES (3 pages)

The festival is hosting a series of innovative big games for every agedesigned by local and international artists. We are asking Athenians to get out on the streets and re-imagine their cityscape, use a bench as their headquarters, play with projections on the walls, plan maps out of chalk, jump over imaginary obstacles, defend a fountain, dance in front of changing traffic lights, hide a treasure under a bus stop.

So what are you waiting for? Common’ Athens, PLAY!



The festival hosts a range of game design & technology workshops from local and international artists for both kids and adults. We are inviting you to take the role of game designers, tinker with new technologies and learn how to design innovative play; you will create your own arcade soundtrack, create new types of olympic games and craft narratives for your neighborhood!

So what are you waiting for?




29 & 30/9 @ TECHNOPOLIS GAZI & the CENTER of Athens



We are full of surprises this week! We are throwing a massive party with DJ BLUE LAGOON from Kormoranos and the performer Aphrodite Psarra who will play music with keyboards made out of fabric! Music style; freestyle ή pop, rock, disco, electro, house, black, indie, hip hop

Join us for games and dancing from 20:00 onwards on the 29th at Technopolis, Building d12. Entrance for the party is FREE 😀





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