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Athens Photo Festival (former International Month of Photography in Athens), is the annual festival of photography in Greece and a premier cultural event in Athens, established in 1987 by the Hellenic Centre for Photography. It is the first and longest-running international festival of photography and related media in Greece, and one of the five oldest of its kind in the world.

photo: Hebe Robinson (NO)

Athens Photo Festival, with over 25 years of active and creative presence, expands continuously its role in a changing society, through a variety of projects and initiatives that enable people to experience and enjoy photography and related media.



The main program of exhibitions will take place at “Technopolis” of the Municipality of Athens, a former gasworks site that was founded in 1857, as well as in several venues around the city of Athens, featuring the work of international established and emerging photographers.

Beside the exhibitions, the Athens Photo Festival includes a photo talk series (Photo Voices 2013), a portfolio review program, photography marathon (Athens Photo Inspiration 2013), screenings and other parallel events.

This year’s theme, intends to explore the concept of “Fluid Identities” in the context of the constantly changing state of today’s world, both physical and metaphorical, and on all its reflections, on environments, people, societies and cultures, investigating their changing boundaries.

We will be updating the site with news and announcements regularly so keep checking back for more information.


Exhibitions 2013


photo: Pentti Sammallahti (FI)

The Hellenic Centre for Photography accepts proposals from established or emerging artists, galleries, curators and organizations world-wide, in all areas of contemporary photography practice and forms, ranging from art and documentary photography to photographic installations, film and video.

(click on:) Main Programme

Under the general title “Fluid identities”, a series of international and national exhibitions from established and emerging international, in all areas of contemporary photography practice and forms, ranging from art and documentary photography to photographic installations, film and video.

Exhibitions featuring artists and curators from around the world and educational programs, put Athens at the heart of the international photography scene. This year’s theme, intends to explore the concept of “Fluid Identities”. The Main Programme of Athens Photo Festival 2013 opens on Friday 1 November and takes place at “Technopolis” of City of Athens (100 Pireos str, Gazi), and at the Municipal Gallery of the City of Athens (Leonidou & Myllerou, Metaxourgio).

(click on:) Satellite Programme

Exhibition spaces and galleries across the city present selected exhibitions of artists’ works, not necessarily related to the theme of the Festival, during the months of October and November.

Young Greek Photographers 2013

The “Young Greek Photographers” exhibition since 1987, has been showcasing the work of promising upcoming Greek photographers, between the ages of 18 – 35, who may well emerge as some of the finest of their generation in Greece.



The festival features an expanded series of projects and initiatives, including the international forum Photo Voices, portfolio reviews, photography marathon, screenings, performances, guided tours and other parallel events. The events program aims to offer a unique and enriched experience for regional, national and international public, creating a platform of discovery, learning and interaction.

Photo Voices 2013

3 November 2013, 3:00pm – 9:00pm.
Considering the role of photography as a tool to stimulate cultural and social awareness, Photo Voices 2013 brings together internationally acclaimed photo practitioners and critical thinkers, whose work and thought stands out for their subject matter, process and critical insight. Under the motto “We Speak Photography”, Photo Voices 2013 is designed as a series of short and inspiring talks to share thought provoking images and words into a broad range of issues. Each presentation lasts about 30 minutes to a total of 6 hours. The talks will be given in English with simultaneous translation in Greek.
Visit the Photo Voices 2013 site 

Portfolio Reviews

2 November, 10:30am – 5:00pm.
The one day Athens Photo Festival’s portfolio reviews program, offers a unique opportunity for emerging artists to hear from international experts in the field of photography and get feedback on their work.

Photography as Performance

1-20 November, 2013
Modern art prescribes and promotes the mixing of species and work across conventional boundaries of “expressive fields”. The program “Photography as Performance”, will be an opportunity for testing how an art between life and art (performance) and a major visual art (photography) can cross to produce ultimately interesting hybrids.

Screening Days

16-17 November, 2013
The Festival’s program has expanded to include a multimedia section. Recognizing power of visual story telling that combine still images, video, graphics and sound features some of the most engaging visual narratives, multimedia projects of creators from around the world, with important global issues relevant to our contemporary world. Two days full of screenings at the main festival venue.

Athens Photo Inspiration 2013

10 November, 2013
Athens Photo Inspiration, the biggest photography contest in Greece, is organized by the Hellenic Centre for Photography for the sixth consecutive year. The event constitutes an original cultural initiative, with a competitive character, which seeks to stimulate both involvement in social issues and appreciation for photography. Contestants starting from the centre of Athens and using photography as a common language are encouraged to participate in a “photo marathon”, to interact and to express themselves, by recording through their own lens and within six hours, four given subjects inspired by the urban life and its experience.
Visit the Athens Photo Inspiration 2013 site 


November, 2013
Once again Athens Photo Festival will be conducting a programme of workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to improve their abilities and knowledge and gain hands-on experience from specialists. Our educational activities give you the chance to learn, practice, and participate. The workshops programme will be announced in early October. Stay tuned.

Groups & Guided Tours

11-20 November, 2013
Guided group tours of the Athens Photo Festival 2013 exhibition program in “Technopolis” can be arranged for school, university, community, organisation, company, museum association or any other group over 10 persons. Each tour lasts approximately one hour and can be tailored to meet a variety of interests. Reservations must be made by phone at least two weeks in advance.

Framing the Festival

Festival visitors are encouraged to capture the Athens Photo Festival 2013 spirit through their own lens and share the festival experience in a special online photo stream album. Our favourites will be shown on the Festival’s blog and Facebook. All those interested may participate sending their pictures at photos[at] From all the submissions that we receive until the 12th of November we will be raffling off a workshop scholarship as well as three exhibition catalogues from


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