Registrations for the Marathon Race of 33rd Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, open today, almost eight months before this year’s event, which is getting ready to welcome more than 35,000 runners of all ages with 15,000 of them running the entire Authentic Marathon Course.

A unique event, an exceptional lifetime experience for all Marathon runners around the world, held in Greece of culture and of sports. A celebration of human will and mind, of solidarity and primary values, bearing messages for a better future at personal, community, national and international level. We invite all the Marathon runners around the world as well as all those that would like to try themselves for the first time on the absolute endeavor and course of 42,1295m, to register in time. The great interest on the event from Greece and abroad leads us to the conclusion that registrations for the Marathon Race will be over very-very soon this year. So, hurry …. in order to run!

As to the 10km & 5km Road Races, the Organizing Committee is announcing that due to the incredibly enormous interest for these two races by organizations, other authorities, clubs, firms and any kind of community in Greece but abroad as well, and with the participation limits remaining the same as last year, registrations for the 10km & 5km Road Races will open on 01 April 2015, at 12.00pm sharp and will last only a few hours.

Those of you who wish to participate in the 10km & 5km Road Races just wait a few more days and get ready to click on the Registrations link on 01 Aprils 2015 in order to secure a place.

The Official Registration Period for the 2015 ATHENS MARATHON event – Marathon Race opens on 16 March 2015. Registrations will automatically close once the participation limit per race is met (Participation Limit in the Marathon Race: 14.000)

CLICK ON: Registrations – Marathon (in En)

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