Athens Festival 2012
Athens Festival 2012 |


Dance, theatre, plenty of music and the highly anticipated premiere of Dimitris Papaioannou’s “Primal Mater” is in this week’s programme, which promises to satisfy all tastes.

Furthermore, advance booking begins for four more performances: two at Peiraios 260 venues and two at the Epidaurus theatres.

Info and reservation: / +30 210 3272000.


Advance booking begins
  Lena KitsopoulouAthanasios Diakos: The comeback

14-16 July, 21:00 Peiraios 260, Building Η

Details | Advance booking begins: 23 June 

© Vassilis Skopelitis Klokworks Dance Co – Marianna KavallieratouAuto Run

17-18 July, 21:00 Peiraios 260, Building Ε

Details | Advance booking begins: 26 June 

© Giorgos Kavallierakis State Theatre of Northern Greece – Acropol TheatreAristophanes, The Knights

20-21 July, 21:00 Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Details | Advance booking begins: 29 June 

© Konstantinos Zamanis ASIPKA Theatre Co – Dimitris BitosSophocles, Antigone

20-21 July, 21:30 Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus

Details | Advance booking begins: 29 June 


Next week’s performances
Edy Ferguson (1 June – 29 July)
Untitled, by Edy Ferguson Using various techniques ranging from drawing and painting to installations, performance and video, Edy Ferguson’s work is at the heart of the dialogue surrounding contemporary art.Discover the imaginative, meaningful and intensely interesting work by an important American artist who lives and works both in Athens and London.

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