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The exhibition presents the oeuvre of artist Aspa Stassinopoulou, who, since 1972, and following a brief period when she pursued abstract art,

has broadened her artistic endeavours with site-specific works, objects and art interventions, using photography and mixed media…

…The focus in the current exhibition is on work completed during the nineteen seventies, when the artist processed photographs on ready-made objects – usually objects of everyday use – pioneering work in a field where many contemporary artists are now active. The pieces from this specific period denounce wrongd-headedness in political and social life, displaying a critical disposition and a tendency to overturn stereotypical views.
The exhibition presents thirty works which the artist created from the 1970s to the present day.

the info about the artist and photo. was taken from the official Benaki museum site

to: 15/05

Benaki museum, 138 Pireos str. annexe

metro station: Keramikos

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