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Art Links – Athens 2014
Art Links - Athens '14 |

Art Links – Athens 2014 … an art exhibition featuring all facets of creativity – from photography to painting and from textiles to sculptures. This is an exhibition for the entire community of creativity and art. Artists from more than ten countries come together to share their work, their ideas and their creative energies through Art Links in a variety of media; diverse voices all brought together with one idea: that sharing art is fundamental to our existence.

Art Links in collaboration with Make-A-Wish Greece (Κάνε-Μια-Ευχή Ελλάδος) will host a silent auction of donated work from the exhibiting artists of Art Links – Athens 2014. This silent auction will run throughout Art Links with the winning bids announced during the closing ceremony on the evening of 22 October. Coming soon … a preview of the art that will be available, as well as an opportunity to place your bid before Art Links opens in October! Stay tuned!

We believe that art is a curiosity; it asks questions, gives opinions, creates insight, feeds dreams and produces growth. Our vision is to create an art space of circular energy: moving, giving, taking, becoming; an endless circle of creative energy in which all are engaged and through which creative energy is freely exchanged. Experienced and new artists come together and invite the viewer to join them in this creative circle; all growing and learning from the experience.

Art Links – Athens 2014 Live Events

We at Serendipity Magazine foresee this event becoming an annual occurrence with an Art Links exhibition each year in a different city … celebrating art and creativity throughout our world.

What is Art Links? 

Art Links is an international art collective; a community united through creativity. We showcase art that awakens the creative spirit in the artist and the beholder; art which engages us as a connected society.

Art Links features live concerts, talks and workshops from participating artists, invited musicians, professors and performance artists. It is through these events that we link our creative lives and our communities.

Why did we create Art Links?  

  • To provide the spirit of collaboration, a supportive environment and a public forum for art and creativity
  • To encourage the understanding that every moment in our lives is a creative one
  • To share, inspire and spark creativity and ideas in our communities



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